in the past life.”

There was an uproar in the whole place, and a group of people suddenly stood up. This guy Wang Meng actually dared to flirt with Fairy Han. It was like the birthday man hanged himself because he didn’t want to live long!
If it weren’t for Han Chuxue’s presence, there would definitely be more than one or two people who wanted to take action.
Wang Ang and Wang Hantian were the first to bear the brunt, and they were determined to clean up the family.
But at this time, something happened that shocked everyone. Han Chuxue thought for a while and nodded, “I feel the same way.”
He showed a spring-like smile and said, “Nice to see you again.”
Wang Meng nodded, “Me too.” He meant it from the bottom of his heart. Seeing Han Chuxue, he had greater confidence to reunite with his brothers. No matter what he faced, nothing could stop him!
“may I know your name?”
As soon as these words came out, half of the people present wanted to die. Who could get Fairy Han to ask their name?
“Wang Meng, fierce and fierce.”
Han Chuxue nodded and turned back to the forum, but everyone present was shocked by this scene.
Damn it, is this world turned upside down and does it no longer distinguish between black and white?
/Fierce and fierce? You have a fierce look on your face, Hao Jing, no, the most frustrated man in the whole Zhou Dynasty!
Han Chuxue, the purest fairy, and Wang Meng, the filthiest gangster, actually have a connection in the past life. Damn it, is the world about to be destroyed? ? ?
Han Chuxue is very happy. She is a ninth-level heavenly body. With the Wheel of Fortune, she can predict her fate. In her destiny, she must meet a person who can guide her destiny, but may also destroy her destiny. This has been known since Han Chuxue was sensible. No matter what, no matter what the result, Han Chuxue was waiting for his appearance.
And now this person appears.
Her feeling is unmistakable. Wang Meng is a person who has escaped from the order of reincarnation and destiny.
This is the person she is waiting for, disaster or luck, everything will start again.
Han Chuxue has been waiting for her challenge.
Mulholland Road’s eyes were calm. He had always been very optimistic about Wang Meng and hoped to bring Wang Meng and his sister together. But at this moment, he knew that there was no hope. Jin Lin was just an object in the pond and turned into a dragon in a storm.
Fairy Han’s vision is absolutely unmistakable.
Zhenren Wang was originally a sarcastic person, but at this time he had been completely promoted to the public enemy, that is, Zhenren Wang had too many debts to overwhelm others.
Zhang Yang on the side opened his mouth wide and suddenly held Wang Meng’s hand, “Brother, it turns out that you are the master who hides his secrets. Please teach me some tricks to break up. In fact, I am still a virgin!”
Kuangsheng is convinced, really convinced, oh my god, this is called awesome, this is called a master, all tall, handsome and rich people are just floating clouds, but just one look can make Fai