him and even weaker than him, now actually

After winning, Yuan Juhuo raised his head. There were cheers, not for him, but from the field next to him.
The Time Immortal Group among the Ten Taboo Groups has appeared.
The person who appeared was a down-and-out scholar. Everyone was familiar with this strange taboo group master, because this guy cheated and drank everywhere, and even pawned a piece of tattered clothes for a long time without selling it out.
Who would have thought that this duo of cheating, eating and drinking would rank fourth among the top ten.
But not everyone buys into the name Taboo Group, especially the powerful ones.
The opponent of the Immortal Eternal Group is a body-building group. At first glance, the figure looks like an extraterrestrial one. One is pure gold, the other is pure silver. The whole person exudes a kind of hard material light. The body is huge, and at first glance, it is a powerful type.
The two brothers, the Tuo God and the God of Gu.
The two of them did not go up together, but came on the stage as a messenger, three times the size of the drunken scholar.
Wang Meng smiled and summoned the big one. Against other True Essence Beasts, such a battle would be of little use, but against the big one it was a completely different matter.
The appearance of the big man still caused a sensation. After all, he was a super strong man who defeated the adult emperor dragon. The strength displayed by the big man was probably not something that ordinary monks in the divine realm could match.
Of course, Wang Meng had no intention of sending a big man on the field. The Temple’s lineup was quite gorgeous.
For Wang Meng, the big man is maturing step by step, and one day he will stand alone. His world may not be here.
/Now on the market, the price of the three-turn golden horned ape has soared tenfold. Who knows if his golden horned ape can also evolve into such a super divine ape.
Everything is possible!
The big man hid quietly behind Wang Meng. He knew what Wang Meng wanted him to see.
There was an explosion on the battlefield on one side, and the drunken scholar took action on the other side. This monk from outside the territory gave the whole audience a shock.
One blow knocked the drunk scholar away.
A unique body-refining technique, a head-on confrontation, and the drunken scholar was knocked away with the first blow.
No one would really regard the drunken scholar’s physique as a disadvantage. For physical training, this is not a problem.
After all, they are a top taboo group. Are the rumors wrong?
The pack god looked at his opponent quite arrogantly, and beat his chest, making a sound of metal interlacing.
“Haha, the long-lost body-fixing and mixing spell, I didn’t expect that there are still fools practicing it today.”
“Although it will make you look like a human being or a ghost, this trick is quite powerful. It can resist spells and power, so it is really troublesome.”
“It’s a pity that I met a drunk scholar.”
The ones who spoke were the monks from the Eighteen