n to the family master.

Wang Meng has already told him the follow-up. Of course, these top-quality Jiugui wines are very rare, but they can also ensure the supply. In the future, there will be ordinary Jiugui wines. The vintage is not so high, but the level is still there, and this part will also have white wines. The two bases will be established in Haojing and Wangcheng.
Fatty Bai was in charge of the Bai family, and he was naturally in charge of Haojing. Wang Shifeng felt that he was finally on the right path.
Wang Zongzheng didn’t ask too many questions. He waved his hand and let Wang Shifeng go out. Obviously Wang Shifeng couldn’t interfere with Wang Meng. It was obvious that this kid was tossing and tossing to see what he could do. Currently, Haojing is a bit chaotic, and it will be even more chaotic. It is beneficial and harmless to the Wang family.
Wang Meng is also very clear about the businessman’s business. Jiugui Liquor is widely known and produced in limited quantities. This is the true meaning of Jiugui. Of course, the secret recipe for brewing is also researched by Wang Zhenren. Although this wine has lost its age, it is still It’s not worse than any other store in the world, and the price is even better.
This is the follow-up, plus the drunkards who appear from time to time, it is enough for Wang Zhenren to make a living.
Pang Hong’s arrival was also a big help to Wang Meng, and Pang Hong’s progress was beyond Wang Meng’s expectation. Anyone who unleashes his potential can create his own miracle.
Pang Hong had his own dedicated weapon refining room, and there was no better place to practice than next to Wang Meng.
/People change. After Pang Hong became acquainted with weapon refining, his whole temperament also improved. After suddenly enlightening, and with his understanding of weapon refining, Pang Hong became a Taoist.
Wang Shifeng is in charge outside, and sisters Zuo Jing and Ukyo are in charge. The first day of opening the store really boosted the confidence of the two sisters and allowed them to freely display their talents and talents.
/Having encountered ups and downs in their family, their lives have also seen ups and downs. The two sisters also possess a maturity that is unmatched by ordinary girls, and they are becoming more and more generous in their work.
Everything is difficult at the beginning. Once you enter the game at the first step, the rest will actually be easier.
Of course Wang Meng would go to the Fire Emperor’s invitation. In fact, based on his state of mind, it would be easier to communicate with the Fire Emperor’s level, but of course Ji Jin’er’s presence was indispensable.
The Fire Emperor is also very comfortable getting along with Wang Meng. Unlike ordinary young people, who are either trembling or always trying to get something from him. Although Wang Meng is young, he is very good at what he does, neither humble nor arrogant, and confident. , but not conceited.
Everything was on track, and Wang Meng began to focus on his own affairs. Of course, he once again