out any surprise. It was not too difficult to say that it was a setback, but it did achieve Meng Ningzi’s achievements. Meng Ningzi is still young now, and there will definitely be a broader world in the future!

After this battle, Meng Ningzi seemed to have gotten rid of the shackles in her heart, and when she looked at Wang Meng, she felt a little more calm.
“She’s really good.” Ma Tian’er said softly.
Wang Meng nodded slightly, but didn’t say much. It was indeed good, but it’s a pity.
/Wan’er on the side tilted her head strangely, “Sister Tian’er, I’m not bad either.”
Ma Tian’er couldn’t laugh or cry. Wan’er inherited the power of the Netherworld, but Wang Meng’s trace of divinity washed away all the complex and chaotic thinking of the Netherworld power. By then, Wan’er’s current mind will be simpler. If time goes by, it will be true in the Netherworld Sect. She didn’t know what would happen, but fortunately Wang Meng’s persistence brought her here.
Meng Ningzi received heroic cheers when she returned to the Meng family camp. Meng Guangru was also greatly comforted. Wang Meng was also a great favor to the Meng family. Meng Guangru was not a fool. If it weren’t for Wang Meng, Meng Ningzi’s strength would never have reached this level. Although he didn’t know how Wang Meng did it and Meng Ningzi was tight-lipped, Meng Guangru still decided to thank Wang Meng.
This caused whispers about Hao Jing’s strength. As Meng Guangru, thanking Wang Meng like this can only make people sigh at Wang Meng’s strength.
The Four Emperors faced off against the Xiao family.
The Four Emperors had been gaining power for a long time and had a good reputation. Apparently they all felt that the Four Emperors had a greater chance of winning.
But the Xiao family is not easy to mess with. After all, they are the Daxia royal family. God knows what kind of power these royal families hide.
“Let me do it.”
The Earth God Emperor stood up. The Water Royal Family was in Daxia and was not suitable for taking action. He had to give the Daxia Royal Family some face. The Fire Emperor also had to pay attention to the influence. The Golden Emperor had no idea of ??taking action. The target in his eyes was not Xiao Xiao. At home, only the Emperor of the Earth liked fighting the most. Knowing the nature of the other three old guys, he simply took the initiative to come out.
In fact, the Four Emperors are indeed the strength of the Taboo Group, but they are the rare ones among the Taboo Group who are so deeply involved in the world.
Xiao Wangyun smiled, jumped up, and jumped onto the fighting platform. He had long known that the Earth God Emperor would take action. Today, the Xiao family will definitely give everyone a huge surprise.
The prince appears in person!
Below, there is already a sensation. The No. 1 Dojo in the world, Xiao Wangyun has been involved as a person in charge. Various sects and major families have had some contact with Xiao Wangyun.
I have never felt that Xiao Wangyun was a master.
On the contrary, it is a bit weak.
“The X