erors Platform, at this moment, Zhang Jian saw a golden talisman flying out from deep in Guo Qingyun, and disappeared into the void in an instant.

That is the Daojun quota.
After Zhang Jian successfully attained Taoism, he immediately escaped from this Taoist position.
The sky full of auspicious clouds, purple aura, and other strange omens gradually converged.
After a moment, Zhang Jian slowly opened his eyes. Behind him, deep in the Daoguo Qingyun, infinite light bloomed on its own, as if the great road of the universe and heaven and earth appeared from it, magnificent and vast.
But as he walked out of the Three Emperors Terrace step by step, the infinite light behind his head and the round light of the avenue gradually converged.
After arriving in front of everyone, Zhang Jian looked at the three ancestor gods of the human race, the Suiren clan, the Zhenyi clan, and the Youchao clan. He smiled and said politely.
“I’ve seen three ancestor gods!”
/“I have met the emperor, Shangzhen, fellow Taoist!”
The leader Suiren said with a smile.
“Jiuyou Lingdijun, congratulations on breaking through the great catastrophe and finally becoming the Dao Lord Dao Fruit!”
“Ancestral God, this disciple is only lucky enough to pass this test!”
Zhang Jian looked sighing and his eyes were humble.
The four kalpas of becoming, standing, breaking, and empty are too dangerous. Each kalpa is like dancing on the tip of a knife. If you are not careful, your body and soul will be destroyed.
Suiren nodded slightly.
“Now that you have obtained the Dao Lord Dao Fruit, you will be able to enjoy great freedom and freedom from now on!”
Next to him, Mr. Chao smiled.
“Brother Suihuang, in my opinion, this little friend is as lucky as a rainbow. He is very comfortable. He may not be very happy, but he will definitely have great achievements and be on the right path!”
Hearing the jokes from the ancestor gods, Zhang Jian didn’t care. He quickly came to King Yu and saluted.
“I would like to thank the Patriarch for his protection. Without the Patriarch’s dedicated teachings, it would be impossible for this disciple to survive the catastrophe!”
King Yu laughed. He also saw the envious eyes of the gods and said with a smile.
“Master leads me in. Cultivation depends on the individual. Your current career is entirely the result of your own efforts. Why should Ayu be so self-effacing!”
After a slight pause, King Yu said again.
“Ayu, since you have become a Dao Lord, you should also have a formal divine title. You can’t just call it Dao Lord Jiuyou. Moreover, the name Jiuyou is not something ordinary Dao Lords can use. Its owner has already There is a great supernatural being.”
King Yu mentioned the name Jiuyou but remained silent.
Eyes twinkling.
Zhang Jian knew that this was the terrifying demon ancestor from the Jiuyou Demon Realm.
After thinking about it, he said: “This time I dreamed about going back to ancient times. I met the ancient goddess Nuwa, and she made me a god. She made me the emperor of the earth and the king of the earth