ve furnaces, even if you blow up the temple, no one dares to say a word!”

After speaking, Zhou Feng rushed out without looking back. As soon as Wang Meng stretched out his hand, he disappeared.
Wang Meng was so depressed, “I ran out of wine, and I didn’t even bring any back when I went back.”
Forging is different from alchemy. One needs to move and keep moving, while the other needs to be quiet and focused. Drinking and relaxing is a kind of enjoyment.
Anyway, let’s keep accounts first.
Wang Meng is thinking more about how to grasp the five elements of gold. Forging is a foreign object. What if we penetrate the essence of forging and find the understanding of gold?
/The Holy Temple reaches the sky.
The six great patriarchs gathered together, and in addition, there was one more person, who had a bit of a Taoist and Immortal style.
“Junior Brother Kuchan, I haven’t seen you for many years. It seems that this experience has been fruitful.”
“Where, I see that Senior Brother Lei is full of divine light, no less than my many years of experience.”
Lei Lei laughed loudly, which made Wu Fatian roll his eyes in anger. The old man could just laugh, why were he always smiling at him?
“Brother Kuchan, how is the situation over there in the Great Yuan Realm?” Zhou Luodan was still more concerned about this.
Speaking of this, everyone’s expressions became serious.
“The demonic cultivators are indeed rampant now, and their techniques are indeed easy to achieve quickly, and there are no restrictions. When disciples from various sects go over, the demonic cultivators are the quickest to adapt. However, there is a secret balance on the Ba Tiantian side, and the situation is quite stable. It’s just that We need to take precautions before they happen, and we will ask you to make preparations in advance when we come back this time, and we will have to wait for the instructions from the sect leader for details.”
The six great patriarchs of the Holy Temple are the Patriarchs of the Zhentang, and some of the founders and elders are in the Great Yuan Realm, which is the key to the fight for the Small Thousand World. How should I put it, staying in the Holy Temple and fighting the decisive battle in the Great Yuan Realm have their own advantages and disadvantages? Everyone has their own choice, and Lei Ting and others cannot interfere too much.
At this time, a disciple came in and saluted respectfully, and Ku Chan immediately followed him.
“I think that although Senior Brother Kuchan made it easy, the situation is not very optimistic. We have to rely on evil cultivators to balance things. Don’t we have to look at the evil cultivators’ faces to do things?” Ma Hezi said.
“I think so. Demon cultivator disciples adapt the fastest, so we are the slowest.” Zhao Tianlong was also a little dissatisfied.
“Everyone has their own responsibilities. I think Junior Sister Zhou’s arrangements for this competition are very good.” Li Xiuwen, who rarely appears in public, said. Lei Lei was really patient and pointed out a few people, but it di