ehuan Sect?

Xing Li bit his lower lip and stubbornly raised his head to prevent tears from flowing down. Fortunately, he was an extraterrestrial demon himself, otherwise, Lu Bei’s torment would have revealed his inner demons.
After cleaning up Xing Li, Lu Bei felt secretly happy. He turned to look at the three Blood Guards, then looked at Xing Li who was grieving alone, and shook his head: “Trash, not even worth being used.”
“Who are you calling a waste!!”
Xing Li’s eyes were red and he yelled loudly. The so-called cuckoo crows and the blood ape whines, that’s probably it.
“I said three of them.” Lu Bei pointed at the three blood guards.
“Didn’t you tell me?”
“of course not.”
Lu Beiyi said sternly: “Needless to say, you have always been the most useless one in my heart.”
Xing Li took two steps back, and the jade slip fell from his hand. His trembling hands had nowhere to rest, and he covered his chest and vomited two mouthfuls of blood.
Lu Bei waved his hand to pick up three jade slips, blew on the western air on them, and put them into his arms with his backhand.
Although he has no use for it, when he has nothing to do, it is good to see the customs and customs of the far west.
Lu Bei circled around Tu Yuan. He looked dazed and his eyes flickered, as if he was fighting against something.
When he was still in the Star Formation, he paid close attention to the situation outside, ignoring the worthless trash. Those who could be beaten were possessed by demonic thoughts. However, Tu Yuan, who was the most capable of beating, remained motionless. If nothing unexpected happened, he was attacked by outsiders. The devil was greedy.
“You have good vision, but you can move my dog ??if you want!”
Lu Bei put away his smile, his face turned cold, and he raised his hand and put it on Tu Yuan’s shoulder. There was no need to resort to the magical skills of “I am in the Demon” or “Eclipse the Sun Demonic Heart”. He could physically exorcise the demon by just relying on the will to kill the demon.
The height of 1.2 meters was like being struck by lightning. His ordinary little body suddenly shot up, his eyes suddenly turned fierce, his brows split into scarlet devil eyes, and he slapped Lu Bei with his backhand.
Slap it on your face.
“Master, there is a devil from outside the territory who has made trouble, and he is so brazen that he wants to take you as his lackey.” Tu Yuan said angrily, but she was not lying, it was the exact words of the Three Corpses Xinzun.
Tu Yuan thought he had broken free from the illusion of the Three Corpses, but in fact he had not. In other words, he had only broken free from the control of the demonic thoughts. His soul fell into the sea of ??consciousness and confronted the three corpses, preventing the other party from seizing the body.
During this period, the two fought for dozens of rounds. The three corpses were experienced in dealing with demons. Using illusions as a barrier, they repeatedly neutralized Tu Yuan’s killer magical powers.
/During the fight, Tu Yuan didn’t bother t