ch is a big event in Tianxin Castle. People from all sects will be there, and the younger generation of disciples who are practicing outside will also come back. Taking this opportunity, I will tell the old man that Your affairs are settled, so as not to cause any complications.” The more Yang Qingzi looked at Wang Meng, the more she liked him.

“Mom, where is uncle?”
“Don’t worry, it’s not his turn to make the decision yet.” Yang Qingzi said. After all, she was also from Tianxinbao. Because of what happened back then, she didn’t want to argue about right and wrong, but her daughter’s happiness was not allowed. Others interfere.
The dinner was simple and warm. Yang Qingzi was used to living alone and didn’t want to be disturbed by others. She cooked by herself, with Wang Meng and Yang Ying as helpers. It was really fun.
Wang Meng is very familiar with himself, has a sweet mouth, and doesn’t have the pretentiousness of a child from an aristocratic family. Yang Qingzi likes him very much.
“Why haven’t I noticed before that you are so coaxing and smooth-tongued that it makes mother happy?” Yang Ying secretly stuffed a piece of meat into Wang Meng’s mouth.
Wang Meng shrugged, “I still have many advantages. They are like endless treasures. Is Fairy interested in digging forever?”
Yang Ying rolled her eyes at Wang Meng, knowing that this guy was not serious.
Halfway through the meal, an uninvited guest came. Long Xi suddenly came to show his courtesy. Only then did he realize that he had an aunt.
Yang Qingzi found an excuse to send him away. Seeing Long Xi’s reluctant look, she wished she could live here.
“Long Xi is the second son of the Lord of Longjiabao, and he and your uncle are close friends of life and death. However, there are also complicated stakes here. After this birthday banquet is over, you should go back to the Holy Church, where your life is. ”
/Yang Qingzi said.
“Mom, come back with us, you won’t be happy here!”
“Aunt, I agree with Ying’er. If we live in Tongming City, we can visit you often.”
“I appreciate your kindness. We will discuss this later.” Yang Qingzi shook her head slightly. Wang Meng is a good kid, but he still lacks some experience.
At night, Yang Ying slept with her mother, while Wang Meng stayed in the guest room.
“Have you asked? Who is this kid?”
“Young Master, this guy’s name is Wang Meng. He is a disciple of the Thunder Light Hall of the Holy Church. He seems to be famous in the Holy Church and has some potential. He is already an elder at a young age.”
Long Xi snorted coldly, “What’s the use of such a false name as elder? There are so many elders in the temple. The important thing is what his background is. Is he related to any patriarch of the temple, or is he a disciple of that family?”
“Young Master, if I heard correctly, this kid comes from the mortal world and has no background or influence.”
Long Xi was stunned, “Damn, it turns out he’s like a brat who clings to a dragon and clings to a phoenix. This will be much easier to handle.”
Long Xi rubbed his hands. Yan