e encountered resistance only when they reached the third floor.

And what about Wang Meng?
Wang Meng was really dumbfounded. He really didn’t want to embarrass the church. He groaned. Wang Meng tried his best to take three steps, but then he couldn’t move anymore.
Suddenly there was laughter all around. Seeing Wang Meng struggling desperately, using as much force as possible, Wang Meng was very confident in his own strength. Could it be caused by his own Five Elements constitution?
Wang Meng did try hard, but it was useless. The rebound force was based on his strength. I don’t know what kind of formation this Five Elements Sect was. It examined the essence of the Five Elements and had nothing to do with Yuanli.
Wang Meng struggled for a while and then came out helplessly. It seemed that God had no choice but to rely on his performance from behind.
Others had to walk for a while before they could come out, but Wang Meng turned around and walked out directly. Suddenly the laughter in the audience became even more intense.
“This guy must have short legs!”
“No matter how long his legs are, he can’t walk across it.”
/“Where did this garbage come from? Come here to make up for it.”
“God knows, but I think he will be abandoned after this time.”
The faces of the temple disciples turned red and white. He Zui, Mu Ziqing and others were watching from a distance, and there were a few from other sects around them.
/Ma Tianer bit her lip tightly, looking at Wang Meng’s helpless smile, her heart ached, but what could she do? There was nothing she could do.
Yan Yuyue looked at Wang Meng quietly, a little confused in her heart. How could a person who could fight against the two-tailed shadow dragon do so?
The two of them wanted to show off Ma Tianer’s talent, but who would have thought that before Ma Tianer came, Wang Meng would be embarrassed again.
“Haha, He Zui, could this be the elite of your church?”
“This person doesn’t count. This guy was meant to be eliminated.”
Mu Ziqing said, his face turned red and white, even if it was useless, it couldn’t be so unimportant, so he walked out three steps.
No one paid attention to Shanlin at this time, his body was trembling.
After two rounds, it was the turn of Yan Yuyue, Ma Tianer and others. The last ten people were the ones with the most outstanding abilities in more than a year.
A strange phenomenon appeared. This group should be the strongest, but their results were the worst, almost all between the first and second lines.
No matter how hard she tried, Ma Tianer couldn’t move in. Next to her was Yan Yuyue, and the two of them were almost parallel.
In an instant, Yan Yuyue gave up her efforts, turned around slowly, and looked at Wang Meng intently.
If you don’t understand at this time, you are really a pig.
The test effect of this Five Elements Formation is definitely the opposite. The further you go, the worse it is!
Two hundred and eighty really collapsed
Wang Meng only took three steps and was stopped.
No one knew what the Five Elements Sect was testing. The