eth level, more than enough!

The confidence and pride in Han Li’s heart were poured into his practice after the failure. As the second person in Xianyuan Hall, he successfully broke through the twentieth level of Yuanli, and today’s surge of Yuanqi was just the icing on the cake, allowing him to be more comfortable. Use your sword skills more calmly.
The number two character entered the twentieth floor. Such a perverted thing only happened in the third hall.
This is much more shocking than Liangyuan entering the twentieth floor.
Miso miso miso
/The foundation of the elite disciples of Shangsantang is extremely solid. Every sword is so cruel and has strong oppressive power. Zhang Xiaojiang doesn’t even have a chance to make a move. He can only use Earth Escape.
Zhang Xiaojiang didn’t hesitate. The opponent showed such momentum as soon as he came up. He wanted to directly kill him to pieces. Zhang Xiaojiang immediately escaped and used one move to hit the sky.
Han Li had a sneer on his face. It would be too naive to use this trick again and again.
Han Li jumped into the air, Jin Lingjian was suspended in the air, and his eyes were fixed on the ground. The air control technique requires the consumption of Yuan energy. The same is true for earth escape, and it is even bigger. It is just the difference between going to heaven or going to the earth. As long as that layer of mystery is removed Take away the sense and a spell is just a spell.
The ground moved slightly, and Han Li immediately chanted the sword technique.
——Tianshan Eight Directions Sword Formation!
Rub rub rub rub
A magic circle appeared on the ground and was bombarded by sword energy indiscriminately within the attack range. The sword energy could penetrate into it.
Zhang Xiaojiang was thrown out from a place not far from the sword array in embarrassment, covered in sweat. If he hadn’t been agile enough, he would have been seriously injured if he had been locked by the sword array.
Just after this sudden exertion, the wound on the body burst open again. The most important thing is the pain in the bone. The pain will not affect the energy, but it will affect the performance. This feeling is uncomfortable.
His movements were slightly affected, and he was immediately caught by Han Li. He slashed Zhang Xiaopang with his sword. It was Zhang Xiaojiang’s unlucky fate. He met his nemesis. Han Li’s abundant Yuan energy allowed him to support the air control technique while unleashing such a force. Of course, this is also because he entered the twentieth floor.
/In this case, it is equivalent to extinguishing all Zhang Xiaojiang’s opportunities.
Zhang Xiaopang was definitely not willing to give in, so he still shot an arrow forcefully. However, this hasty attack was easily dodged by Han Li, and his backhand was an even more explosive sword slash.
Zhang Xiaopang can only hide in the middle of the fighting field. He dare not use the earth escape technique easily. The speed of the spell must be slow. Once the earth escape is caught by the oppone