onsense with him. He took a closer look at Zhao Xinxin first, and then He felt her pulse with his hand and asked, “Is the damage to her energy and blood serious?”

onsense with him. He took a closer look at Zhao Xinxin first, and then He felt her pulse with his hand and asked, “Is the damage to her energy and blood serious?”
“I’m fine,” Zhao Xinxin waved her hand feebly. She was really scared just now.
The next moment, the snow-white jade wrist was gently grasped by a big hand.
At this moment, Xiang Zuo came over and said, “Li Yongsheng, what did you do when I killed that cultivator just now?”
Chapter 287 Who is the black hand?
As one of the four major catchers, Xiang Zuo’s thoughts He has always been alert and good at finding clues from clues.
When he killed Hua Xiu just now, he felt nothing. After all, he had killed Hua Xiu before, so this time it was just a little easier.
Wait, are you more relaxed?
/Then he began to recall how he killed this person, and the scene just now was replayed in his mind one by one.
After thinking for a long time, he analyzed it. At that time, there seemed to be a slight hesitation in his actions?
That flash of lightning was too short. He thought about it desperately, and he was not particularly sure whether the man himself was in trouble.
However, he was certain that, given normal cultivation, the opponent would most likely be able to dodge his strike. At the very least, it would activate the body’s defense. At that moment, the opponent did nothing.
This is really not normal!
Abnormal does not mean there must be something wrong, but who is Xiang Zuo? He is one of the four famous catchers!
The more years he has spent as a policeman, the better he is at free-spirited evidence. Therefore, in his opinion, the reason why he was able to kill a cultivator so smoothly must be because something else happened – there is nothing abnormal in the world without any reason. .
His guess was absolutely correct. Just when he blocked him, Li Yongsheng was also planning to take action, so he quietly interfered with his opponent’s spiritual thoughts – he wanted to keep this person, and anyone who dared to touch Yongxin must die!
When he shouted “Ye Si” or something like that, he really just wanted to intercept this person to Xiang Zuo and prevent him from escaping.
But he really didn’t expect that Xiang Catcher would be so brave, and he could kill the opponent with just one blow.
/Li Yongsheng was still very grateful to Xiang Zuo, but at this moment, he wanted to pull out his knife and slash at him – I can finally touch my partner’s little hand, is it easy for me? You actually want to come here to destroy me?
So he raised his eyelids and snorted angrily, “It doesn’t matter what I did. What’s important is that you killed the real murderer. Oh, you don’t dare to admit it, do you?” He
said the last few words. At that time, there was obvious disdain on his face, as if to say – when it comes to such a big thing as the assassination of the Ninth Princess, will you just shrink back?
But who is Xiang Zuo? Although he is arrogant and cold-blooded, he is still ranked among the top four. How could he easily take advantage of such a provoca