se Inspector take your bicycle and have it manufactured by the Ordnance Bureau?”

se Inspector take your bicycle and have it manufactured by the Ordnance Bureau?”
Although she has faded out of the public eye, she has no sense of presence in the army. Although she was strong, she was still Kun Shuai’s former personal bodyguard. On weekdays, she only had to go to Kun Shuai’s place, and all the big and small news in the capital would reach her ears.
Li Yongsheng nodded, it’s good for you to know, “Today, I attach great importance to the Royal Horse Supervisor.”
Hearing this, Qu Shengnan smiled disdainfully, “Then Ning Zhiyuan looks crazy, but at the moment, the Tian family is indispensable. We still have to value these veterans in the army, and to protect the foundation of the imperial court, we still have to rely on the army.”
She did not hide her contempt for Ning Yuma at all, but it was no wonder, she climbed out of a pile of dead bodies, and her status was aloof. If you don’t like the villain Xing Jin, you will open your mouth and say something.
Even if Ning Zhiyuan hears this in person, there is nothing he can do. Eunuch Ning is generally unwilling to tell the truth to people who have no conflict of interest. Even if he overthrows Qu Shengnan, what will he gain? There is no chance that I will get some infamy for “persecuting the elderly in the army”.
Li Yongsheng was shocked when he heard this, “Is the situation in the DPRK so urgent?”
In his impression, Jinshang was still a quite willful young man. To be able to make him give up his love for Ning Yuma, the situation was obviously very serious.
“Dui Shuai is already unstable, and his fall is inevitable,” Qu Shengnan replied calmly, “His fall will have a profound impact on the army, not to mention that there are still people who are restless. Although the Tian family has cards in their hands, this At this time, who would think that he has few cards in his hand?”
He is indeed a benchmark for the country, and he really dares to say anything.
Obviously, Qu Shengnan didn’t think that Ning Zhiyuan could be called the Tianjia’s card – just a mere jester.
When Li Yongsheng heard this, he understood a little bit why Ning Yuma asked him to go to the Prince of England’s palace with him. Eunuch Ning also felt that his situation was delicate and he needed to brush up his presence, and the King of England was obviously an excellent target.
/But what he wants to know more is, what does it mean that there are still people who are restless? “Mr. Qu, what do you mean, Li Shuai is no longer stable?”
Chapter 362: There are ears on the roadside. Qu
Shengnan is a man who says whatever comes to his mind.
But when she heard Li Yongsheng’s words, she couldn’t help but change her expression, and shouted sharply, “Xiao Li, are you allowed to say this casually?”
You can’t say it, you really can’t say it. Li Shuai holds 200,000 Yulin troops. Activated, Shuntian Mansion will flow into a river of blood.
Li Yongsheng smiled disapprovingly, “It’s just a few people here, and there are many such rumors in the capital.” “The rumors
may not be acc