the Security Bureau, he is not stupid to begin with. He is better at sorting out all kinds of messy clues. It is not surprising to guess this.

the Security Bureau, he is not stupid to begin with. He is better at sorting out all kinds of messy clues. It is not surprising to guess this.
Li Yongsheng didn’t want to talk about this topic. If Zhao Xinxin heard it, it would be really harmful and unhelpful. “Okay, stop it. I’ll take you to the Ninth Princess. You can plead for mercy yourself. Don’t say anything you shouldn’t say.”
“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense, maybe I guessed wrong,” Yan Jiu covered his mouth and chuckled, his eyes curled into crescent moons, “I heard that after you find someone, your appearance will be restored, but obviously you have no such plan yet.”
” Huh?” Li Yongsheng looked at her strangely, “Did Ren Yongxin tell you this?” ”
There is more than one person in the Zhu Ta Ren family,” Yan Jiu replied vaguely, neither admitting nor denying it, “That one just now Is she the Ninth Princess? I think she’s not as good-looking as Ren Yongxin.”
“Ahem,” Li Yongsheng coughed dryly at the two of them. In the dark, he felt a murderous aura enveloped himself and Yan Jiu, “Well, the Ninth Princess’s legs are very beautiful. , long legs, I like her, but it’s a pity that she wears Taoist robes more often.”
“Okay, no more, it seems that she is also very concerned about you, I don’t want to be resented by a princess,” Yan Jiu chuckled He said, “Take me to see her.”
Li Yongsheng took her into the garden and came to the pavilion, only to find that Feng Zhenren, Du Jingjing and Zhang Muzi had disappeared, leaving only Zhao Xinxin standing in front of the pavilion. Standing, looking at the pond not far away in a daze.
Tiny raindrops fall into the pond. The sky is already slightly dark, but you can still see the dense ripples. Then listen to the rustling sound of rain hitting the leaves and smell the fresh and moist air. In this hazy misty rain, you can really feel To bursts of emptiness.
Li Yongsheng didn’t want to ruin this picturesque atmosphere, so he stood not far away with Yan Jiu and said nothing.
/The two of them stood there for a long time before Zhao Xinxin seemed to realize something. She turned her head and looked over, “Huh? Is something wrong?”
“Xinxin, this is Yanjiu from the Chao Security Bureau,” Li Yongsheng said with a smile. “She insists on seeing you and telling you something.”
Zhao Xinxin raised her hand to brush her hair from her forehead and replied casually, “Since I am your friend, you have decided for me.”
“That’s not okay,” Li Yongsheng laughed, “She wanted to plead for the guy who went to the Security Bureau last night. It must have been your decision.”
“What ideas can I give you?” Zhao Xinxin turned her head and continued to look at the small pond, There was no fluctuation in his tone, “That’s the Security Bureau, how dare I say anything?”
Of course Yan Jiu knew that his colleagues did not need to care about the Ninth Princess, Li Yongsheng was the key figure.
But at this moment, she couldn’t say that. She could only hold her fists respectfully, “My colleague is ignorant and has been fooled. I hope Pr