Jin curled his lips in distress, saying to himself, I have encountered it all. You, I can definitely tell you what the Lin family meant, but you want me to reply with such a message?

He was happy to help Li Yongsheng spread the news. After all, he also took the Lin family’s One hundred taels of gold can be safely pocketed this time, but the news he spread is insulting to the Lin family. If the Lin family gets angry, he may be in trouble.
Seeing his hesitation, Li Yongsheng snorted coldly, “Why, you don’t want to?”
Mr. Jin dared to say anything more? He turned the horse’s head hurriedly and left, “No problem, okay, leave it to me.”
After the three of them left, another masked woman popped out of the woods, “Why do they need to hold up their signs for three days? Since they have surrendered, just ask them to hand over someone to pay the ransom. Why waste time?”
In Zhang Muzi’s words, In her mind, if things can be handled simply, there is no need to complicate them. This is not because she is too lazy to use her brain, but because the strength of the Dao Palace is there, and there is no need to worry about many small things.
Li Yongsheng chuckled, “You have to let others see that the Ninth Princess and our restaurant are not something that just any cat or dog can insult,
what do you think?” Zhang Muzi rolled his eyes, “It seems that you are really in love with Zhao Xinxin. .”
/Li Yongsheng covered his face with a black scarf, and the smile on his face was blocked. He didn’t explain, saying that you would know sooner or later.
The Lin family was quite surprised that the people from the Security Bureau had turned around, but when they heard that Li Yongsheng had received a reply, several principals immediately met with Mr. Jin again.
As expected, several cultivators looked angry after hearing that they were required to hold up signs for three days. However, no one spoke up.
At the end, Lin Munan sighed softly and nodded slightly, “Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Jin. I will give you another hundred taels of gold if you come.”
As expected of a big family, once they understood the current situation, they knelt down faster than anyone else, and even did not forget to show their goodwill. North Korea Security Bureau.
On the way back, Master Jin met Li Yongsheng again at the same place. While he expressed that he was lucky enough to live up to his fate, he also did not forget to sigh that the Lin family – they really can afford to take it and let it go.
After Li Yongsheng confirmed the news, he took a trip to Tianxing Valley and discovered from a distance that there were indeed several disciples of the Lin family walking around holding signs.
However, they were just hanging around Tianxing Valley and didn’t go far. They probably didn’t want the villagers to see too much of their ugly behavior.
In fact, these actions cannot be hidden from the villagers, and the well-informed big family knows that the Lin family has provoked a powerful person this time, and they have to admit defeat.
/But when the