Meng puzzled.

“The Star Alliance has more than 800 sects, and we, the Ji Dao Alliance, have more than 500 sects. If a war really breaks out, we humans will be the ones to lose in the end. The demon clan probably wants us to be like this.”
“But after all, there are still quite a few us humans in the Star Alliance, so the current balance is maintained.”
They seemed hostile, but they didn’t start fighting directly. Wang Meng was a little dizzy.
/“Three seniors, we are just small people. It seems that we can’t help or do anything about such a big thing. But we promise not to say anything, so we don’t need to silence ourselves, right?”
Wang Meng asked, instead of hiding it and hiding it, if you really want to silence him, just fight them to the death.
The three of them looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh, “You are really interesting, kid. Our Jida Alliance joins voluntarily and is not forced.”
/Wang Meng rolled his eyes, “How about joining. What if you don’t join?”
“If you don’t join, just pretend that nothing happened and send you back, but this memory will be erased. If you join, you can choose to continue in the Star Alliance, or you can choose to stay in the Ji Dao Alliance to practice until we understand the holy war of the demon clan. arrival.”
To put it simply, one is an undercover agent and the other is a “traitor”.
To be honest, it makes no difference to Wang Meng whether it is a demon clan, a Star Alliance or a Ji Dao Alliance. It’s just that after coming here, he really found that the world is too big and the power he originally relied on was too small. You can’t help yourself, but this is the path of cultivation and you must adapt.
Three hundred and sixty-one doubts
Wang Meng looked at Ma Tianer, and Ma Tianer’s eyes told Wang Meng that she would go wherever Wang Meng went.
“Well, give me three days to think about it. This matter is also very important to us. We must think carefully before making a decision.”
“Haha, that’s fine.” The great elder nodded, “I’m talking about your Five Elements Body. It’s actually quite a pity.”
The other two people also nodded, and Ma Tian’er couldn’t help but say: “His talent is the best in our temple, and he is outstanding even in the Cultivation Academy. How can it be a pity!”
“Haha, the little girl is worried. The Five Elements Body is excellent for the demon clan. The Saint is the Five Elements Body, but it is a pity for us humans. Before the fiftieth level, if you perform well, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Strength He is indeed stronger than the average person, but the Little Perfection is the dividing line.”
The second elder said that Wang Meng knew this very well. He could learn basically any spell, and the power he used was amazing.
“The outstanding ones among us human monks will receive the gift of heaven at the time of Little Consummation!”
“The demon clan has the advantage of the demon clan, but we humans also have human talents. To give a simple example, in your Starlight Cultivation Academy, there are three tal