are to hurt someone?” The

are to hurt someone?” The
person who came was none other than the second elder of the Lin family. Many people knew him. Since he came to our restaurant, , when he takes action, he will put on a mask – it is really embarrassing to be recognized.
Li Yongsheng was not happy that he did this. If you were wearing a mask, who would have known that our restaurant had impressed the Lin family in Ngai An?
/However, the second elder answered directly, I am the elder of the Lin family, and if I openly come forward to defend our restaurant, it will not be a good thing for the ninth princess once the news gets out.
/Li Yongsheng thought about it and realized that this was also the case. Theoretically, he accepted Lin Er as his servant, but once the news spread, others would only see that it was Hua Xiu of the Lin family in Yi’an who was helping to maintain the property of the Ninth Princess. .
As for the truth, does it matter whether the Lin family has taken refuge with the Ninth Princess? I’m afraid that if you want to say something, no one else will want to listen.
Therefore, the second elder always uses this mask when he comes forward, and does not conceal his identity as a cultivator.
Hearing the other party’s question, he snorted disdainfully, “Hurt people? I dare to kill people. Since today is the second day of the Lunar New Year, I don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun. Why don’t you get out?”
The last three words, his The sound suddenly burst out, causing the eardrums to buzz.
The Si Xiu’s expression changed, he took two steps back, and said through gritted teeth, “If you have the guts, leave a name.”
The second elder put his hands behind his back and spoke proudly, “A lackey like you doesn’t deserve to hear my name. ”
This is quite a scolding, but he dares to take action, and he is really not afraid of the Kingsguard. People in the system dare not resist the Kingsguard, but to the big forces outside the system, what do the Kingsguard mean?
The most important mission of the Royal Forest Guards is to protect the safety of important people in their own country. They are not very aggressive towards the outside world. They guard the home and the courtyard. The word “lackey” is really not wrong.
To people outside the system, the Chao Security Bureau is much scarier than the Imperial Guards. The Chao Security Bureau can fabricate accusations and drag people outside the system into trouble, but the Imperial Guards can only threaten people within the system.
As for the Lin family in Yi’an, they were so bold that they dared to cheat Lord Jin of the Chao Security Bureau. How could they care about a mere imperial guard?
The second elder got angry and really dared to kill all these people, but now he really held back.
The Si Xiu looked at him with a resentful look and waved his hand, “Let’s go!”
Although the seven or eight imperial guards were injured, only on their shoulders and thighs and other unimportant places, they exited the restaurant, but did not leave. They just blocked the door and gritted their