ke of me helping everyone heal their wounds.” “We all know

ke of me helping everyone heal their wounds.” “We all know
this,” Yun Canghai handed him an understanding letter. The look in his eyes said, “Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. We have been sitting down and drinking for three days. We are just waiting for you, a distinguished guest, to come and hold a celebration banquet.”
Li Yongsheng smiled, walked over and sat down, “Waiting for those two The disciples of the upper palace come out and do it together. It’s a big deal for them to realize the truth.”
“How big of a deal can it be?” Yun Canghai snorted disapprovingly. He, a rich man, really doesn’t take the two women seriously – in his eyes In terms of values, women are not worthy of attention.
Of course, if it were a female cultivator from the White Tiger Temple, that would be a different matter. None of these indigenous families in Western Xinjiang would dare to offend the White Tiger Temple – even if there are only two true kings in the White Tiger Temple now.
There are also two true kings in the Ding family in Longyou, but when they meet the disciples of the White Tiger Temple, they really don’t even dare to speak loudly – they really dare to kill people at the slightest disagreement.
Among the four major palaces, White Tiger and Qinglong declined. These two palaces no longer called themselves “palaces”, but were renamed temples.
But even so, the combat power of White Tiger Temple and Qinglong Temple is enough to deserve the title of the Four Palaces.
/This is a far stretch. In short, Master Canghai doesn’t think highly of Wuzhen’s two upper palace disciples.
Others won’t accompany him crazy, so he just goes on drinking without saying a word.
After drinking heavily for a day and a night, Master Gao took advantage of the alcohol and asked about something that everyone was more concerned about, “Master Li, this Spirit Gathering Array, if other people also realize the truth here, wouldn’t it be okay? You know .”
“This” Li Yongsheng hesitated, then nodded slightly, “This possibility exists objectively.”
Yes, it only exists objectively. If he is not in the spirit gathering array, he will usually actively look for those bright spots of wisdom. The aura of someone who has realized the truth, rather than being absorbed by just anyone.
/For the former Immortal Lord, it really shouldn’t be too easy to do this. At the low-end level of real people, he has too many ways to play.
For example, Du Jingjing’s enlightenment, it is said that her accumulation is not enough, and it is a little bit behind, but Li Yongsheng saw that the four real people were still unfinished, and Gongsun Dangxing’s body was already very forward.
So he decided to give Deacon Du a chance – it would be great to help you realize.
Yes, this is the real opportunity. Zhang Muzi’s kind can only be called an opportunity.
The opportunity is when you have accumulated enough, and when you are stuck at that point, you need someone to put in a little effort, an inspiration or an epiphany, and you can turn your cocoon into a butterfl