u Academy.

u Academy.
But what she found strange was that since Lord Li Hua believed in Zhao Xinxin so much, why did he target Li Yongsheng so much?
The next moment, Master Li changed the topic and turned to look at Chen Zhaoxue, “Why are you here in Thunder Valley?”
Chen Zhenren didn’t like to talk at first, and she and Master Li seemed to have some differences. Xiao Xiao didn’t deal with it, and just uttered four words, “Destruction of Taoism.”
“Isn’t this place too far from your Arctic Palace?” Master Li Hua asked expressionlessly.
When Gongsun Weiming saw this, he refused to agree, “Master Li Hua, you have already made the decision and left the affairs here to the Ninth Princess, why do you need to worry so much?”
Li Zhunzheng looked at him indifferently, ” Another person who wants to destroy Taoism, right? I’ll leave it to Zhao Xinxin, but I can’t harm the interests of my Huazhuyuan too much, do you understand?”
/“I don’t understand,” Gongsun Weiming said loudly. , “This is obviously the Thunder Valley bought by the Ninth Princess. She can make the decision herself, so where does the benefit of the Huazhuyuan come from?” ”
“It was you who robbed it!”
Huazhu Li took this lazy thing Son, there was no good way to do it, so he could only snort coldly, “Forget it, you can make Zhao Xinxin agree. Of course I don’t care, and I won’t stop you. But you have to tell those cult followers how you killed them.”
” This is what you said!” Gongsun Weiming was overjoyed, and then told what happened.
I heard that Li Yongsheng first lured away three real people, and then used two trapping formations to kill the other two groups. Everyone couldn’t help but nod their heads – this battle strategy was indeed quite advanced.
However, after hearing that Gongsun Weiming and others paid a huge price for besieging and killing the six crazy cultivators, everyone couldn’t help but be stunned – the True God Sect is really crazy, actually sending such a powerful combat force.
After hearing the end, even Zhang Muzi couldn’t help but ask, “Who did Li Yongsheng invite? How could he kill the other two groups of nine?” ”
I don’t know, I didn’t see it,” Gongsun Weiming shook his head, ” He also refused to say, but the people who besieged the six cultivators were quite fierce when he invited them to fight.”
/“He refused to say?” Zhang Muzi nodded thoughtfully.
She returned to the North Pole Palace relatively early and missed the battle in Western Xinjiang. However, after the Lord of the Third Palace returned, he specially called her to ask about it – even the Lord of the Third Palace knew about the magic of the spirit gathering array on Shenlu Mountain.
But in the end, the Lord of the Third Palace did not express his covetousness, and just told her: Li Yongsheng’s origin is definitely not as simple as you think, and you still need to have more contact with him in the future.
Zhenjun even hinted that there is very likely to be someone who surpasses Zhenjun around Li Yongsheng.
Therefore, Zhang Muzi was not particu