inglian became more and more puzzled. .

inglian became more and more puzzled. .
He had a look of horror on his face, “But by expelling Master Li like this, I’m not laughing at your low cultivation level. Really, how did you do it?”
Chapter 522: Generous Treatment
In response to Ding Qinglian’s question, Li Yongsheng smiled slightly. , does not explain, sometimes pretending to be mysterious is not a bad thing.
As expected, Master Bu Ping immediately helped him think of a reason, “Qinglian, some medical skills cannot be considered in a normal way. Master Li’s medical skills are almost Taoist, and you may not necessarily rely on cultivation to win.” ”
No. Wrong.” Gongsun Weiming just flinched and did not help Li Yongsheng to refute. He had already regretted it. Now he immediately agreed, “I have already said that Master Li is not familiar with the True God Religion. Expelling the evil fire is all. What?”
You guys are not being reasonable at all. Ding Qinglian was a little depressed, but he couldn’t slander Li Yongsheng, otherwise his previous goodwill would be in vain.
So he could only sigh dejectedly, “I’m just worried that with Master Li’s cultivation level, it will be more difficult. Do you want to take a break?”
In fact, he was a little doubtful that the gloves would be some kind of treasure that could make Li Yongsheng immortal. The evil fire can be driven away by cultivation.
But seeing Xiaoyun Zhenren also wearing gloves, this suspicion was greatly reduced – it turned out to prevent evil fire from being infected.
But he still couldn’t understand how this evil fire could be driven away so easily – this was beyond his comprehension.
However, Li Yongsheng’s answer surprised him even more. He shook his head, “It’s okay, I’m not tired. I’ll rest after I get rid of the evil fire.” ”
No way?” Ding Qinglian thought she had heard wrongly, “Second How can the evil fire of more than ten years be exorcised at once?”
Li Yongsheng glanced at him indifferently, “It is not difficult to expel the evil fire brought down by divine magic. What is difficult is the subsequent treatment.” ”
Yes, this is nothing. It’s difficult.” Gongsun Weiming nodded and spoke triumphantly, “It’s nothing more than the origin . Master Li is the best at it.”
The corner of Ding Qinglian’s mouth twitched, “Then I’ll wait and see.”
Mastering the origin and rules, of course It is easier to do things, but this does not mean that there is no need to cultivate!
/Can a mere junior cultivator exorcise the evil fire accumulated in the body of an intermediate cultivator for more than 20 years in one go? If it had been a day ago, Ding Qinglian would never have believed it – this is not the way of heaven!
Even now, he still has huge doubts in his heart, but there are too many crazy fans of someone in the scene, and he doesn’t want to offend others, so he can only choose to be a silent gourd.
Facts have proved that what he did was wise. After less than two sticks of incense, Li Yongsheng stopped and stood up, “Okay!”
“Okay?” Even Xiaoyun, the real person, felt a littl