errifying and overbearing pure golden light flowed from countless dimensions of time and space, covering all aspects of his body. In a short period of time, he had blocked large areas of time and space, as if forming a universe filled with pure sunlight and golden light.

There is also a profound and vast will that vaguely affects his Taoist heart and soul.
It’s a pity that although he is only a second-level Taoist, his soul’s will is extremely tenacious, and he is also protected by a rare treasure deep in his Taoist heart.
Zhang Jian did not directly take out the Kaihuang Golden Spirit Sword.
These treasures should be used in key places.
/I saw magnificent whirlpools emerging around him, absorbing all the billions of golden lights like a torrent.
A majestic purple-yellow divine furnace emerged from the void, easily refining all the pure golden light.
This is the Emperor’s oven.
At this time, the power of the Emperor’s oven is gradually approaching that of the third level Dao Beginning oven.
Extremely powerful.
At this time, the True Light Sect Ancestor was exuding a magnificent divine energy. As he waved his hand, strange bead-like divine lights emerged from the depths of his palm. There were thirty-six of them in total, bombarding Zhang Jian’s position from all directions. Come.
Zhang Jian felt a slight change in color as he sensed the majestic and vast fluctuations of divine power in the depths of the void.
/With one mind and two purposes, layers of black and yellow brilliance bloomed on the surface of the body, and instantly condensed and manifested a grand formation of heaven and earth fetal membranes.
This time, he did not actively use this method, but the high-grade innate spiritual treasure, the Emperor’s Golden Book, was passively triggered.
The fiery red orbs struck one after another, like rain hitting banana trees, with an unusually heavy force.
There is even a destructive divine energy flowing out of it.
Thirty-six Daoyi Divine Beads hit one point one after another, and the terrifying force instantly penetrated the fetal membrane formation of heaven and earth.
Zhang Jian frowned slightly and unfolded the Qiankun Diagram to avoid part of the blazing divine energy.
Impacted by the huge force, a large area of ??time and space deep in the Universe Map collapsed under the golden-red divine energy.
There are faint signs of damage to this top-grade innate spiritual treasure.
The seven innate immortal divine taboos deep in the origin are all fluctuating violently!
This was the first time Zhang Jian encountered such a ferocious existence.
Above the void, the magnificent divine wheel manifested all over the body of the True Light Sect ancestor is still expanding, with a golden-red radiance glowing in the depths of his eyes. The flowing golden-red radiance almost spreads throughout the endless dimensional space, cracking and melting all other rules of the heaven and earth. .
“Emperor of the Earth, let me tell you what the ultimate path is achieved by the strongest. Just because you defeated a sem