However, Wang Meng downplayed it and allowed the forces powerful enough to explode tens of thousands of lives to be directly bombarded on his body, unless the one attacking him was the Sword of Formation Eyes that only dodged for a moment. Facing other attacks, there is no dodge at all.
The two of them had also experienced ascension. They knew that the cultivation of Zhenyuan would have to start all over again. Wang Meng had only been here for less than two years.
Fate attacks can also become a confrontation between the mind and the mind. After destroying too many lives, the power of the mind will plummet. However, the God of Qinghuang has launched so many rounds of attacks, and the opponent’s mind has not weakened at all.
“This is impossible!” The God of Qinghuang’s will was shaken, even a little panicked, “Who are you!”
Wang Meng’s eyes moved. It’s now.
“Yes!” Ma Tian’er clasped her hands together, “Every tree comes in spring, lock it!”
The Wanmu Locking Dragon Formation instantly locked the God of Qinghuang.
“How could it be so ignorant!”
The God of Qinghuang suddenly broke free, trying to get rid of the seal of Wanmu Dragon Lock Formation, but the power locked towards her became stronger and stronger, and actually completely blocked her movements.
“My destiny is my destiny”
At this time, the God of Qinghuang discovered that the life in her body had dropped below 10,000 during the crazy confrontation, leaving only 9,900 lives. After all, he is not a true God. There is no recovery from the ferocious consumption.
“Condensation!” The God of Qinghuang circled his hands in a circle, seeming to absorb the power of this void world.
Wang Meng’s figure moved. Appearing in front of the God of Qinghuang in an instant, “There is no chance anymore.”
Wang Meng stretched out his finger and tapped “Meng Ningzi’s” forehead and heart. The power of the divine power instantly mobilized the destiny, and with a buzzing sound, a law seal of time and space was formed.
“Seal? Just a seal? Hahaha, ignorant people, don’t you understand? I am a god, and it is impossible for humans to seal a god! This world is for my use, condense it!”
I saw the light of stars bursting out in the void. I saw countless starlights surrounding everything. One by one, destiny emerged in these starlights. At first, there were only more than a hundred. As the stars exploded, I saw tens of thousands of fates emerging from the void, blending and twinkling with the starlight.
Wang Meng’s eyes moved, but he felt something. These fates were all torn away by the rules of this world after entering the 90th floor of the tower. Each one was rich and full, with extraordinary quality.
The God of Qinghuang said coldly: “No matter how powerful the seal is, it must abide by the rules of the world, but you want to seal me? I am the God of Qinghuang, a god who transcends the limits of this world!”
“Brother, be careful!”
Ma Tianer’s eyes flashed, and she saw nine wooden thunder dragons suddenly merged into one, and Peiran’s true