e sword steadily and sharply. At this time, when playing the piano, he can catch up with the rhythm of the bell spirit. One person plays the piano, one moves and one still, but It is an unparalleled fit and a natural rhythm. Even the lightning ferret lying on one side was intoxicated by the beauty at this moment. He put down his usual vigilance and let his feline instincts take over. He lay lazily beside the fire and slowly narrowed his eyelids.

Finally, he even turned over, revealing his gray-white belly, like a bored and wanton indulgence.
“Ah, I can’t bear to live in this world.
Ah, I can’t escape the joy of infatuated love
Ah, I can’t find a substitute for hue
Ah, I will never be able to figure this problem out for the rest of my life.
Swallowing the wind and kissing the rain, burying the setting sun without hesitation
Even if you ride the snowy paths through the mountains and seas, you won’t despair.
Picking up flowers and deflecting wine makes people crazy.”
Just as the singing gradually reached its highest level, the music in Zhu Peng’s hand suddenly stopped keeping up. Zhong Ling’s singing and dancing had perfectly matched Zhu Peng’s music. At this moment, Zhu Peng was One side suddenly turned sharply, and Zhong Ling, who was addicted for a while but never got out of his state, exclaimed “Ah”.
But the person circled and flew like a butterfly, and finally fell into Zhu Peng’s arms with a confused expression but graceful figure. It was really like a beautiful white butterfly falling into a cobweb in a dance of indulgence.
“Stop singing, stop dancing, you are so beautiful, but it makes me really scared”
A hand gently stroked the side of Zhong Ling’s face, and he said words that would make him afraid, but Zhu Peng’s eyes were full of intoxication. The orioles were singing and dancing, the beauties were kind, the clothes were as white as snow, and the red silk was gorgeous, but they were not as beautiful as yours. one.
No one can say that they are only attracted to one person in their whole life. At least at this moment, Zhu Peng has forgotten many things. He only hugs the person in his arms tightly with his pounding heart and feels the closeness between skins. .
/Staring at her beautiful black and white eyes, he couldn’t help but want to kiss her lips.
He wanted to kiss, but he didn’t dare. His ambition was burning in his chest. His hands were made for holding swords. His subordinates were still waiting for him to return. There were even countless beauties in his harem. If he wanted to, So what if there are 330,000 beauties, giving up all this for one beauty?
How unwise.
She smiled softly, looking at him with her beautiful black and white eyes, as if she couldn’t understand, and then looked at him clearly.
She really liked this boy, who couldn’t like him? He is a handsome young man, elegant and charming, considerate and gentle, and can tolerate all your willfulness when it comes to romance. It is impossible not to like such a man very much.
So she slapped him twice, looked at his stiff look, b