about my safety? Are you planning to use this as a pretext if the murderer can’t be caught?” “

about my safety? Are you planning to use this as a pretext if the murderer can’t be caught?” ”
Tianjia, calm down,” Wei Yue sighed, but also Instead of panicking, he used another move, “If it’s just an assassin, that’s fine, but have you ever thought about the Tian family? Who could be the person who instigated the assassination of Ning Yuma? And is their purpose? Only limited to one Ning Yuma?”
The emperor was stunned, and after a moment of pause, he sneered, “According to what you said, their target may be me?”
Wei Yue shook his head, “I don’t dare to guess, but , since the purpose is unknown, it is always right for the Tian family to be careful.”
“Since it is a guess, you must have someone to suspect,” the young emperor spoke extremely domineeringly, “Tell me who are you suspecting?”
“Haha,” Wei Yue could only smile bitterly. He felt that his temper was too bad and he was much more difficult to maintain than the previous emperor. Even if I had a guess, would I dare to say it?
“It’s up to you if you don’t tell me,” the young emperor waved his hand and spoke darkly, “If you can’t catch the murderer within three days, you can beg for his body!”
Are there any Tian family as willful as you? Wei Yue couldn’t help but secretly cursed. Ning Yuma’s assassination was indeed a big deal. Everyone could see that the other party had put a lot of thought into it. Not to mention the two chemical cultivators, nor the Si Xiu’s self-destruction, only that the self-destruction could disrupt the situation. Tianji’s secret technique comes at a high price.
If you can’t catch anyone within three days, you want me to beg for my body?
Please, I am the number one person in the inner court, and I am called the inner assistant!
However, the Tian family’s arrogant attitude also allowed him to calm down and speak out some of his guesses naturally.
Wei Yue sighed and spoke helplessly, “Hypothesis, I just assume that you, Tianjia, also know that Ning Zhiyuan’s relationship with the military is not particularly good.”
Hearing this, the young emperor let out an unexplained snort from his nostrils, ” What else? Keep going!”
Holding the straw, Wei Yue secretly complained in his heart, even if you still want to hear it, I don’t dare to continue talking.
He looked at Tianjia carefully and found that the young emperor was looking at him with squinted eyes and an expressionless face.
Eunuch Wei sighed helplessly, “Although your ceremony has passed, but”
Chapter 198 Where is Ning Yuma?
Wei Yue said heart-wrenching words, no wonder he hesitated and did not dare to finish.
——The enthronement ceremony has been held, but you are still young and your position is unstable.
The young emperor did not expect to get such an answer. After he was stunned for a moment, the expression on his face began to become weird, “I thought you would name a few people in the military, but I didn’t expect you to point to me directly. The royal family.”
/Wei Yue swallowed hard, “The military is currently stable. Without evidence, how can I