to the method of sword cultivation and upgrading. Even if he came here, he was not in a hurry to find an exit. He lay on the ground and polished the sword body.

After a while, I turned over to prevent one side from getting burnt and the other side not yet tasting the food.
Immortal cultivation may not be like this, but sword cultivation is really like this. The Immortal Sword Code comes from the Sutra of Abandonment. How can an invincible being say nonsense? Just practice like this, and there will be nothing wrong.
Another half cup of tea was over. Lu Bei’s immortal sword upgraded two levels in a row. The heat of the golden flame reached its upper limit and was unable to continue to forge immortality. The fire crows went on and on, unable to cause any harm to him, let alone deliver experience steadily.
Lu Bei took a deep breath of hot air, exhaled golden flames from his mouth and nose, and looked around intently, the white light surrounding his fist buzzed and trembled.
The sword body was upgraded, and the power of vibration it carried was increased to a higher level. There was no need for him to dig hard. As long as he thought of the word ‘shock’ in his mind, a steady stream of strange power would be generated on its own.
Not as good as supernatural powers, but better than magical powers.
But with the sound of a sword, the violent golden light shattered the nine-story fire tower, and a huge and turbulent wave of air burst out, compressing the nine copper pillars and bending them.
/The flame array collapsed, the space trembled endlessly, and there was an overwhelmed wailing sound.
Space cracks spread out along the vertical and horizontal lines of golden light, densely packed, like thunder snakes running all over the sky when lightning strikes.
Lu Bei broke through the formation with one punch, his momentum continued, and he directly bombarded the sky-high bronze mirror in front of him.
The fist touched the mirror and time stopped instantly.
The next second, the boundless vibrating power suddenly spread out like a wave. With the fist as the center, the rippling water distorted the metal bronze mirror. Waves like tsunamis swept in all directions, overwhelming the sky and the earth, surging wildly to cleanse the world.
Under the chain reaction, a tsunami followed the bronze mirrors, and the sea rippled, causing the entire space to become a mess.
White light bloomed, the huge bronze mirror as high as the sky shattered, and the world fell apart.
In the four directions of the world, bronze mirrors stand, refracting the halo of white light, affecting perception and interfering with the soul like an illusion.
More than a dozen figures were scattered around fighting each other. Two people formed a pair, neither more nor less. If you look closely, you will find that the two people fighting in each group are the same from appearance to body shape.
/Water Moon Observation Mirror.
Ji Chen’s magic weapon for cultivating both life and life can hide the sky in the mirror and can develop an independent