ge from now on.”

“Trading conference?” x2
Wu Chengde and Ding Hai looked at each other, both filled with questions.
/“Uncle Master, what is the origin of this trading conference?”
“This is not simple. Wuzhou is a place where demons are forbidden. We respect Taoism and Buddha. We demon cultivators are forced to make a living, so we have a gathering every year. Everyone communicates with each other to see what treasures can be snatched and what enemies can be killed. By the way, Let’s make some deals. This year, several seniors chose to locate in Ci’an County, and the demon cultivators in the three surrounding states got wind of it. I know you two guys don’t know anything, so I specially informed you to come here.”
Kou Shuang laughed and said, “Not to mention, this trip was really not in vain. Just now that old man Wang came to the next door. When I saw the little wife with big breasts and round butt, I immediately screamed strangely. Guess what, that wife’s man When I ran home and saw the disheveled old man Wang, he started talking like a dad.”
The two brothers were not interested in this kind of gossip at all. They were all focused on the trading conference, regardless of whether it was true or false. They urged Kou Shuang to lead the way. It was already getting dark and it was time to leave if he didn’t go.
At the corner, Lu Bei watched the three of them escape into the darkness, raised his hand and touched his chin, secretly thinking something interesting.
When he rushed to the small courtyard, he heard “Old man from the Wang family sends warmth”. He did not rush to handle the case and get the person, but waited for a moment to see if any other accomplices showed up. Unexpectedly, he got an unexpected harvest.
A trade conference or something like that is very exciting as soon as I hear it.
As a Xuanyin Si Qingwei, and as a righteous monk, it was reasonable and logical for him not to give money after the transaction, but to seize the demon cultivator with his backhand to earn another bounty.
“Look at the old man’s Xiantian realm cultivation. He doesn’t even have the Dzogchen. The three demon cultivators he talks about are at the heaven-turned-god realm. Three of them are nine million experience points. If you round up, you can earn 100 million tonight.”
With a lot of experience ahead of him, Lu Bei followed decisively and formulated a backup plan in his mind.
If the senior demon cultivator Kou Shuang mentioned had a cultivation level far beyond the realm of divine transformation, and with his acting skills, he could pretend to be a passing demon cultivator, not to mention that it was a fake, he could at least get away with it.
At that time, if he trades honestly, he may not make any profit, but he will definitely not lose money.
There is no loss left or right, this business can be done.
The moon hangs in the sky, and dark clouds come to block it.
Fifty miles outside the city of Ci’an County, the valley is empty and the deep forest is silent, and everything is peaceful.
Suddenly, the melodiou