long as you don’t encounter any weird theft powers, the baby is basically stable when placed in the portable space.

The Dongwangfu family deposited their family wealth in the Qiankun Ring instead of the portable space. Lu Bei didn’t understand it at first, secretly wondering why this family was so unwise?
Only later did I realize that it was not unwise, but simply impossible.
The people of the Dongwang lineage were at the level of Tu emperors in Dongwang County. They had no worries about food, clothing, and wealth. In addition, due to the imperial court’s policy of cutting down vassals, they began to eat and wait for death from the day they were born.
Under the pig-raising mode, everyone in Dongwang’s lineage lacks ambition, and their cultivation depends entirely on supplements. The highest level of cultivation is only Baodan realm, and the threshold of innateness cannot be touched, so there is no portable space to speak of.
It’s good, because they don’t seek improvement, Lu Bei is more confident about expanding the platform.
The Xuanying Mountains are lush and green, stretching into distant mountains.
Dozens of shuttles came from the distant horizon, crossed the mountains, and hovered near the East Prince’s Mansion.
Figures in black clothes came out one after another, with expressionless faces and indifferent expressions. Every breath exuded a murderous aura that made people afraid to approach.
The leader has a square face, dark skin, and a pair of deep eyes shining under his broad thick eyebrows.
Xuanyin Division, Xuanwei, Yu Tao.
In the imperial city, Yu Tao was a simple and honest warrior, the kind who was harmless to humans and animals and had no ideas. After leaving the imperial city, his whole temperament changed drastically. Underneath his rough appearance, there was a depth of silence.
When the players saw this strong man, they hid in the distance and took screenshots. If they were curious, they only dared to watch from a distance.
“Awesome, this person is the leader of the Xuanyin Division, the boss among the bosses, right?”
“It is said that there are two Xuanwei, and Yu Tao is just one of them.”
“You have such an awesome appearance. I often hear people say the word ‘imposition’, but I can see it today.”
“What do you mean, our principal has no momentum?”
/“The principal’s aura is relatively calm. He’s the type of a worldly expert. He doesn’t have the oppressive power of an intelligence chief. This guy doesn’t even bother with pork chops or rice when he stands in front of me. I promise to tell you everything I know, and I’ll get whatever you ask.”
“Good guy, you said that the principal is a salty fish, report it, and you will die!”
Yu Tao heard the players’ random thoughts as nothing more than wind.
/There are also reincarnated immortals in the capital. The Xuanyin Division has detained many of them and interrogated them secretly. Most of them speak gibberish + difficult to pronounce dialects. Their weird words have not been successfully translated so far, and are designated as the languag