sun appeared again, followed immediately by the joyous voice of the Yushu Dragon King.

“Good! Great good! Today’s events should be treated as interesting things to talk about! My little friends, since you have set foot on the road of Qi and Danyang, you no longer need to compare with others. You are already invincible. Please come in and enjoy the banquet!”
/When the voice fell, Xie Jiang was seen walking in the sky, and suddenly turned into a sword energy, and then disappeared into the bloody sun.
It was only at this moment that the cultivators on the Nine Peaks were silent again, and their eyes fell on Chu Weiyang again.
If the eyes that looked at Xie Jiang just now contained admiration and envy for the Dantai realm, then the eyes they looked at Chu Weiyang at this moment were as hot as the bloody sun!
A great Taoist disciple was promoted to the elixir realm at the peak of the foundation building realm, which was actually not big news.
But how this person enters the elixir realm is the most important thing!
Although all cultivators clearly understand that advancing to the elixir realm is something that can only be achieved, but who wouldn’t dream about it.
There will always be someone next, right? Why is it not a poor thing?
This time, Chu Weiyang won the literary battle of acting.
Xie Jiang also won, winning in the transformation of Tao and Dharma cultivation realm.
And all the cultivators feel that they have won, and won in the future that they can imagine!
In the quiet room, there is an apricot-yellow banner hanging in the air. When you look carefully, the strands of spiritual light on it hang down and sprinkle on the ground, turning into the intertwined Feng Shui of Youhuan seal pattern and Wuji seal pattern. Kanyu Talisman Formation.
At this time, the talisman array tends to be somewhere between hazy and uncertain and the order of the four seasons. The extremely simple lines are intertwined, splitting the talisman array into a hazy outline divided into three parts.
In the three-talented talisman formation, Chu Weiyang sat in the center of the talisman formation and entered into meditation with the five-heart-to-the-sky posture.
At this moment, the vitality aura sealed in the Feng Shui Kanyu Talisman Formation was still surging towards Chu Weiyang’s body.
Especially when Chu Weiyang is in the state of internal and external synaesthesia, the infusion of vitality itself seems to have no bottlenecks or obstacles at all. It is all in the flicker of Chu Weiyang’s majestic thoughts and ideas shaking slightly. The vitality that brews the vitality of heaven and earth enters Chu Weiyang’s Zhoutian meridians.
And under the influx of this massive amount of vitality, the fourth level of the foundation-building realm is far from the level where Chu Weiyang’s cultivation Qi is stationed at this moment.
Along with the refining of vitality and mana, Chu Weiyang’s cultivation aura continues to improve steadily.
Such pure vitality of heaven and earth, and the methods used by Chu Weiyang to control the magic po