s defeated by the will of the Forsaken Jing Yuan Shen while wielding the Nine Swords. He raised his five fingers, used his newly acquired magical power, and suddenly pressed down the violent fist seal.

Taixu Dharma Seal!
Lu Bei obtained the ‘Heart Sutra of Taixu without Words’, devoted himself to hard work day and night, and obtained the supreme artistic conception of ‘Unity of Heaven and Man’. After losing his face plate, he looked at this technique again and re-understood the ‘Seal of Taixu’.
This seal is transcendent in all things, can accommodate the ultimate principles of all things in the world, transform into the most essence of Taoist charm, and can derive many great magical powers.
Lu Bei uses one magical power a day, removing the weak ones with average power and retaining the three strongest ones.
The violent fist seal crushed down and shattered the Nine Swords like a bamboo. In just an instant, the Nine Swords were defeated into powder.
The remaining energy flowed down, blowing the swordman’s soul as if it had fallen into an ice cave. His eyes flashed with panic, he gritted his teeth and shouted sternly: “Disciple, please be merciful as a teacher. Don’t fight me again.”
Lu Bei’s expression changed, and he suddenly withdrew the Taixu Seal, and suddenly withdrew his strength, causing his face to turn green and white.
/After a moment, he shook his head: “I don’t believe it. My master is so old and his beard hangs down to his crotch. You are so handsome, you must be lying to me.”
After saying that, he shouted loudly and rushed forward with fists in hand.
After a while, Mo Bu stood on the top of the mountain with his nose bruised and his face swollen, looking up at the sky without saying a word.
Lu Bei stood behind obediently and said with a playful smile: “It turns out that you are really Master. You told me earlier. You covered your face. You told me that you were beaten by my disciple until I couldn’t even recognize you!”
Don’t fix it:
Indeed, it was his fault that he should not have accepted this traitor back then.
Speaking of which, what year was it and why does it feel like it didn’t take long?
At the top of the mountain, the shuttle stopped.
Huang Xiao and Jiang Suxin were very curious about Lu Bei’s master. How strong he was, who could actually train Lu Bei to be such a fresh and refined invincible.
Just looking at the two masters and apprentices working together, it can be seen that not everyone can be an invincible master. First of all, they have to be tough.
/“It’s been more than three years since we were separated. Master, you have become a Taoist master in the underworld. Stamping your feet makes the entire underworld tremble. It’s not like my disciple. When I first arrived in the underworld, three or two stinky fish rotted under my hands. Shrimp, there is no comparison.” Lu Bei exclaimed in admiration.
The whole sentence is praising Mo Buxiu, and not a single word has anything to do with myself. If you taste it carefully, you can clearly see that every sentence is bragging about