ntions and the meaning of the life and death of the Sword Intentions taught Chu Weiyang vaguely. It was as if he had an insight into the future of his own swordsmanship.

To be careful, even if it is just a rudiment of swordsmanship, it is nothing if this step is done in the elixir realm.
But when it comes down to it, maybe even those in the foundation-building realm can make this leap.
In this case, if there is room for improvement, it is probably where the flaws lie.
/And when such a thought came out of Chu Weiyang’s mind, it was like a blessing coming to his heart. Suddenly, the sword pill itself rose up, shining with the starlight, and suddenly it was the same as the one that poured into Chu Weiyang’s heart. The sweet rain on the Yang body is intertwined and resonates.
The power of natural creation should be formless and formless, and should be pure and pure in nature itself.
But at this moment, with the shining of the stars, suddenly, from the power of nature, the meaning of the cycle of birth and death was revealed.
At first, Chu Weiyang was a little surprised, but then, Chu Weiyang quickly understood.
/This force of natural creation will not be generated without reason. The force of nature is of course condensed from the nature of heaven and earth.
And here, in the cave where Chu Weiyang stood, the so-called nature was nothing more than the island in front of him, the mountains in front of him, and all the rocks, grass and trees in front of him.
As early as when he established the dojo in the past and sorted out the various earth veins, Chu Weiyang had already integrated the power of natural birth and death into it.
As early as that time, Chu Weiyang had thought about integrating the power of life and death into his swordsmanship, using the changes in the four seasons to show the decay and prosperity of time, and then show the way of life and death.
Now, it really should be on this step, on Chu Weiyang’s path.
Therefore, when the rays of light and stars swirled around Chu Weiyang’s body, they mixed with his spiritual thoughts, intertwined and resonated with the power of natural birth and death, and then took on the swaying rain of sweet rain in a more “active” manner. when.
With further steps, the boundless sword world shines from above the sword pill. In the sword world, under the continuous mountains, there are fragments of sword intent bursting out with faint spiritual light. Then, these sword intents It began to feel like it was being smelted, turning into a sword pill, and then immersed in the mountains and veins. It looked like a dragon vein with spiritual beads in its mouth, smelting into one in a nested manner.
Immediately afterwards, in the intertwined morning light and starlight, it became increasingly clear that many indescribable hazy visions were born, and more and more natural forces of birth and death were diverted here, fainting. Dyeing all kinds of Qi, it seems that in an extremely slow way, with the help of Chu Weiyang’s cultivation and promotion process, he will create the protot