whether it is or not As for the ancient caves overseas, I’m in Daocheng, right here in the courtyard, waiting for her to come over, what do you think?”

At this moment, Miss Qinghe’s nose twitched, as if she was afraid and wanted to shed tears again.
“Before talking about this, is there a place where you can take a shower?”
When he arrived, he was wearing palace clothes, and when he left, he was wearing a wide azure robe.
With her wet long hair hanging loosely on her shoulders, Qing He walked happily along the bustling Daocheng Long Street.
Just a few rounds like this.
Suddenly, the noise disappeared, and Qing He stood in another secluded courtyard, waving his hand, causing the forbidden spiritual light to fall down on the four walls.
When he looked again, there was no trace of sobbing or timidity on Qing He’s face.
She had a shrewd smile on her face, and as soon as she turned her hands, a light red jade slip was held in her palm.
As the inspiration swirled around, Qing He’s melodious voice sounded.
“Master, it’s a coincidence that by chance, my disciple came across the only seedling of the Panwang Sect, Chu Weiyang. As a last resort, and without having time to talk to my uncle, the disciple changed his mind. According to the original plan, through some reasons and some coincidences, I told him all about my sect’s method of practicing “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence”.
After all, he was the evil star who fought his way out of the Demon Suppressing Cave and traveled 90,000 miles. What a fierce method! Once the disciple fell into his hands and was tortured by him with all possible means, but the disciple did not dare to talk about the cause and effect between our sect and the Panwang sect, so he had no choice but to tell the story about his uncle coming to find him. I think He seemed to have other ideas, and it didn’t seem like he was willing to wait for his uncle to come.
Alas, it was a combination of circumstances that caused this situation. The disciple was frightened and did not dare to tell his uncle, “Master, please see that the plan has changed. How will you arrange your uncle’s schedule?” I met Chu Weiyang this morning, and it’s hard for the disciple to follow him anymore. Maybe when the uncle arrives, he will just rush into the air. When the time comes to vent his anger, the disciple will suffer.
Master, you need to save this disciple.”
In the courtyard.
Qing He had already walked out for a long time, but Chu Weiyang was still there, flipping through the Qiankun bag that he had taken off as a “mortgage”.
He held the jade slips in his palms.
“Miss Zhi, where is your secret method in Tingchang Mountain? Is there any way to break this restriction?”
/In her mind, Chun Yuzhi naturally did not answer this question and asked Chu Weiyang instead.
“Do you believe what this girl said? In my opinion, this girl is not an honest child.”
Chu Weiyang was still playing with the jade slips.
“Which passage are you talking about? About the practice of Kung Fu? Or about Shi Yuting?”
Chunyuzhi responded wi