ncle Shang, who looked like an old farmer, actually started to praise others and said good things one after another.

“It’s easy to say, easy to say! Fellow Taoist Chu is a sincere person. He never asks for high prices, but he doesn’t know how many fellow Taoists he has to give hope for a way forward!”
This was also a decision made by Chu Weiyang after careful consideration. After all, Chu Weiyang had already made enough money on the True Form Path, turning his excessive momentum into tangible “foundations”.
And considering that the monks who need the true form of Taoism are all beings in the golden elixir realm who have poor cultivation and even combat power, it seems undesirable to ask for high prices. It is better to wait for a long time.
What’s more, with three Dao Fruit Demonic Pills, when necessary, the strong warriors of the sect are willing to help their fellow sects in exchange for the opportunity to open a new path forward.
If the asking price is too high, perhaps those who are solely focused on the sect will feel that it is not worth it and will focus more energy on the subsequent inheritance.
Despite this, Chu Weiyang continued to speak in a serious manner.
/“Although only three demon pills are needed, the explanations of these three demon pills are more precise. One of them needs to be consistent with the Tao method practiced by everyone. This poor Taoist one was taken and smelted. The remaining two are actually the ‘asking price’ of the poor Taoist. There is only one requirement, and it is best to have two demon pills carrying different Taoist methods.”
Anyone who heard it at this moment would suddenly realize that Chu Weiyang’s request was not excessive.
Moreover, the Taoist further “lowered the price” for himself through explanation.
Uncle Shang didn’t even wait for others to say anything, and quickly nodded in agreement.
As a result, more people showed expressions of excitement. Even if there were two or three people who wanted to speak, they could only keep silent at this time, not daring to go against the general trend.
And then, in the next moment, he saw Uncle Shang rising up in the air and flying straight into the long and narrow battlefield. Only then did Chu Weiyang hold Xiao Yuluo in his arms and also turned into a spiritual light. Falling far away in the direction of Tiantai Daocheng.
“Thank you, senior, is there a place for poor people to stay temporarily in the city?”
When he finished speaking, the figure of the ancestor of the Xie family suddenly appeared in the air. He looked around in all directions with a smile, and finally landed on the figure of Chu Weiyang.
“Easy to say, easy to say, Master Chu, please!”
The ancestor of the Xie family appeared in person to greet Chu Weiyang, as well as the so-called “Chu Zhangjiao” for Chu Weiyang. In an instant, there was some excitement among the crowd because of the complicated changes related to the true form and Taoism. People with subtle minds can be completely shocked.
When entering the open sea, there is an unpredictable way t