ing a towering mountain-like figure, the black and yellow iron rods in Chu Weiyang’s hands expanded together. With the shaking of his wrist, the black and yellow iron rods danced like a whirlwind, one after another. Chu Weiyang’s six arms rotated around, and the dim yellow turbidity around the Taoist body was stirred up. The two colors of black and yellow were swirling and rising. As they rubbed against each other, thunder struck down with both light and dark.

At the same time, as the Qi flows, large tracts of sacrificial fire are scattered, and the holes illuminate the black scales. In the lingering flames, it seems that one generation after another is a ferocious and terrifying ghost imitating the ancient ancestors. Dancing and dancing.
In almost an instant, Chu Weiyang had revealed himself and all the means he could, and after seeing the group of “hyenas”, Chu Weiyang decisively used his Qi machine. Released to the extreme!
The integration of the fragments of Jiuxi Convincing Qi’s magical power can no longer be comprehended and refined bit by bit in An Ning’s Qingxiu, so Chu Weiyang simply melted everything in the process of truly peak fighting.
The reason why he had to put on such a ready posture was because at this moment, Chu Weiyang really felt the faint charm and the clear warning from the heavens.
/There are truly evenly matched opponents!
Even at that moment, Chu Weiyang felt the vague meaning of the wheel of death and life.
That means that this will be an enemy that is truly enough to make oneself vulnerable and even put oneself in danger of life!
When the true evil monk appeared, the evil monk who was made from the supreme foundation of the entire vast world appeared in the world with a more advanced level of cultivation than Chu Weiyang, along with Chu Weiyang. It was hard for Weiyang himself to imagine what kind of advantages he would have.
Chu Weiyang did not think that this mysterious warning from heaven was an illusion.
However, when the Taoist glanced across the past, what he saw was whether it was the figures of the three monks from the Nine Chambers of Treasure Immortal Realm, or the figures that were not covered up at this moment. They appeared one after another in the distant sky. The looming figure in the photo.
Chu Weiyang has never been able to clearly feel where the feeling of crisis lies.
It seems as if a real dragon is hiding in seclusion. You can only hear the roar of the dragon, but you can’t see its shape.
The crisis that the Taoist had anticipated earlier was unfolding in front of Chu Weiyang little by little. At this time, maybe one step was wrong, and it would probably be an irreversible situation.
Standing outside the sky and guarding the boundary gate, Chu Weiyang, a remnant of the old cultivator, is already the enemy of the whole world!
But at this moment, on the contrary, Chu Weiyang’s heart really grew ferocious!
It was as if the 90,000-mile road to escape in the past was reappearing before his eyes. The more he was in this situation, the more ferocious arrogance