still a bit too much.

He cared more about the skills passed down by the monks of the Fuluan Palace than the magical treasures. He made an appointment with Han Miaojun to go to the Fuluan Palace when he had time to sit and discuss Taoism with him and watch birds together.
Lu Bei knew when to go to Fuluan Palace. He was busy with official duties recently and couldn’t spare time.
I won’t even think about it if I can get out.
According to Zhu Xiushi, the Fuluan Palace is known as the Great Good Temple of Qi Yan, and the sect’s foundational strength ranks among the top in Qi Yan.
/Lu Bei expressed doubts about this. The magical abilities that Han Miaojun displayed were mediocre and mediocre. If this was all her strength, then Lu Bei could only say sorry and give the Fuluan Palace to Dashan Temple. Not even a janitor.
However, Zhiju came to the nest, and the rumors came out of nowhere. The rumors are not unfounded.
Let’s not talk about the distant ones. Just looking at the appearance of the palace master Han Miaojun, his disciple Xiang Muqing and the other five girls, they have no real skills. They have been divided up by the Ji family and the Xiantian Mansion. All the female disciples in the mountain have moved into the basement to serve as a training furnace. .
It is better to believe that it exists than to believe that it does not exist.
Lu Bei thought about it. He broke into the Luan Bird’s nest alone and was surrounded by dozens or hundreds of witches. He probably never returned. From then on, he moved into the basement and became the palace master’s exclusive cauldron passed down from generation to generation.
It’s useless to change into a bird, people will change too, there are hundreds of them, if someone lays an egg afterwards, there’s really no way to argue.
/Therefore, Lu Bei decided to go there after a while. To be cautious, he listened to his master’s advice and had the strength to conquer Dashan Temple, and then went to Fuluan Palace to see the visualization pictures.
In the hinterland of the plain, mounds rise like hills.
Several snow-white grasses grow in the thick fog. Their slender leaves are shaped like umbrellas, and they grow upward and spread out. Their entire body is pure white and fluoresces.
Among the many natural and earthly treasures, the appearance of Everlasting Grass is inconspicuous, but in this lifeless and confusing place, this fluorescent light can be called holy, and no one dares to ignore its existence.
The black copper umbrella hangs with iron wires, forming a human-shaped outline.
Zhu Yintian clasped his hands on his chest and just floated in the air. He had guarded the secret realm for two hundred years. He knew a passage in and out of this place, and he knew the majestic city that controlled the sea and covered the sky like the back of his hand.
First of all, the secret realm here is not a thing in the human world, but originated from the fairy world. Referring to the demon inscriptions on the city gate pillars, it is a prison where the demons and immo