th extremely envious eyes. .

This is not only the continuation of the Supreme Sutra, it also means that from Qi Feiqiong to Yun Han, especially the three people from Baihua Tower, all the Taoist monks who are accompanying Chu Weiyang will They are all enriched by Chu Weiyang’s incredible heritage and luck, and truly have the supreme opportunity to explore the divine realm and prove the real person.
Just like what Chun Yuzhi had achieved earlier.
It would be a lie to say that you are not envious!
/But before they could continue to express their emotions, when Chu Weiyang’s arrangements and instructions had not stopped at all, when the names of the Holy Land Grand Sect were mentioned lightly by Chu Weiyang, when that Step by step, it either points directly to the essence of their Taoism and principles, or it reaches the supreme legal system that is close to 80% or even 90% convergence.
When all these were mentioned from Chu Weiyang’s mouth.
When even the casual cultivators who were struggling to pass on the remnants of the ancient veins were mentioned by Chu Weiyang.
It was only at this moment that everyone finally understood, as if in hindsight, what kind of Dharma conference Chu Weiyang wanted to hold!
What they think is the peak, the key point and the key point lies in the explanation of various situations in the first day to clear away the fog.
But no one would have thought that the real prosperity would lie in what happened after that day, in Chu Weiyang’s feat of spreading the Dharma to all sects for a lifetime!
And it was at this moment that the leaders of various sects realized that participating in such a truly grand Dharma gathering was not just about gaining an advantage in luck, but the matter itself was already It is a supreme honor and a great cause that is destined to go down in history!
“I sincerely obey the decree of Master Chushan!”
When Chu Weiyang had planned out all the arrangements for more than a hundred days, in the mountains and fields of the huge Qianyuan Mountain, the heads of various sects respectfully paid homage to Chu Weiyang again, and The sight of a chorus of promises.
Moreover, the unobstructed roaring sounds of various Qi-cultivation machines were even more like thunder from the nine heavens. The rumbles extended in all directions, encompassing the huge Three-Yuan Realm.
This is a truly majestic scene.
And this is destined to be a truly magnificent and truly prosperous Dharma conference!
/This is a “Yao Tai Dan Banquet” that is about Tao and Dharma, about Taoism and Dharma lineage, which almost all cultivators can’t even imagine!
Regarding the great reputation of this Dharma Assembly, the arrangements announced by Chu Weiyang were immediately passed on to all the cultivators in this world, and to every monk who paid attention to this matter.
There is no cover at all.
This is the glorious scene when the curtain of the golden world is about to open!
Just like Chu Weiyang’s revenge against the Qianyuan Sword Sect, when the demons of Taiyin were worshiped by the Holy Hea