ea after the passing of that ancient era.

Including the monks of the Hunmen Dharma who transformed into ferocious beasts, as well as the cultivators of the Ancient Dharma who transformed into evil spirits and perished in the bloody battles.
All these traces may be separated and separated, and they themselves will be immersed in the wash of the twilight world, and will completely disappear in a very short period of time.
But when such traces are measured over a long period of time, with thousands of years as the final unit of measurement, after the endless time that has penetrated almost the entire ancient history of the human race has passed, such traces run through one after another, and then It has left lasting traces in the sea frontiers of the old world.
That is the trace of “cultivation”.
/Under such numerous traces, imprints and combing, it is inevitable that the power of Feng Shui Kanyu has followed the old path and penetrated the vast expanse, even in the turbid and evil hydrology wandering therein, and in its concept of turbid evil, It is also full of the rhythm of Tao and Dharma.
This is the reason why Chu Weiyang can sense the favor of the gods in all worlds even though he is standing under the turbulent sky of the old world.
Apart from these things, it is true that outside the world, the complex nature of all the yin, turbidity and evil is still the same as in the old world. Chu Weiyang can also realize the constant existence and authenticity of Tao and Dharma.
However, the disorder among the turbid evils, the completely disordered interweaving and evolution, and the barbaric scene of pure primitive nature without any trace of cultivation still taught Chu Weiyang insight. Discover another side of nature that I have never considered or seen.
Chu Weiyang truly saw the majestic and majestic water curtain that truly connected the sky and the earth in the troubled world, and saw the waves that truly surged and were as majestic as the land.
Seeing the rotten white bones suspended on the surface of the endless ocean, as long and narrow as a dam, with only a corner of the bones that had been eaten away by the turbid evil, leaving only incomplete traces of the shell, Chu Weiyang couldn’t imagine. Such a majestic and majestic creature, which was only an accumulation of energy and blood during its lifetime, has become so frightening and terrifying.
And it was during this process of boating in the foggy sea that Chu Weiyang gained further insights into many wonders that he had never imagined in the past.
In that troubled world, it was not a purely hazy color.
Chu Weiyang once really saw that under the thick fog that stretched for an unknown number of vast sea areas, two turbid waves that accidentally surged up mixed with a huge amount of mist and water vapor, which was pure and disorderly. The various turbid evil spirits collided in that flash of time.
/It was a collision between true disorder and disorder. In that moment, a jade flower with a deep purple color was born from the turbid evil. It was some k