s were transported across the air. Then, gradually, the original chalcedony paste was finally reshaped in appearance during the calcination process.

When looking around, in the lingering flames, there are six black jade Taoist temples that have been shaped in this process.
/When you look carefully, you can see that the three outer walls of the ink jade Taoist temple have faint yellow and dark gold lines one after another, outlining the Feng Shui map of the undulating mountains. When you look carefully, there is an undercurrent of strong wind. The image is also imprinted on it. If you look carefully, it seems to be mutually confirmed with the Feng Shui of this ancient world.
In this way, the six maps complement each other, and it is possible to gain an insight into the full picture of Feng Shui in this world.
When I looked at it, I saw that on the jade door of the Taoist palace, at this moment, there were different maps one after another. When I looked carefully, I saw that the complex hydrology of the vast sea was depicted on it, and the hydrography on it was one after another. The illuminated ashram island.
At first glance, it seems like a reflection of the Yang world here.
And at this moment, as these six Taoist palaces were smelted one after another, and with the sound of the dragon’s roar getting louder and louder to the limit, in an instant, as the doors of the Taoist palace opened and closed, the dragons in the six realms of gods were all enveloped. The six witch sacrificial fires that seemed to have condensed into flames during such a smelting process suddenly entered the main Taoist palace.
After that, under the pull of the whirlpool in the eye of the wind, six thick clouds and mist gathered one after another towards the Dao Palace. When I looked again, between the desolate sky and the earth, six thick clouds appeared, In the process of turning the scroll, six Taoist palaces were lifted high.
The dispersion of black and yellow smoke and dust all over the mountains and plains was attracted by the eye of the wind at the moment of transpiration, making each breath of richness more prosperous than a breath of prosperity.
And gradually, with the “burning” of the rotten silt all over the mountains and plains, and as the richness of the six blossoms became thicker and thicker, gradually, between the mountains and fields, signs of the real toughness of the rugged rocks could be seen, and the still-contaminated Looking at the remaining muddy palace attic, one can see the dry river bed and a faint pool of water looming in the sea bed.
/Similarly, it was with the successive erection of the six Taoist palaces, and with the interweaving and resonance of the dark golden map patterns on them, that the thick barrier of the great world that was originally supposed to be unbreakable, at this moment During this time, between the changes that pure Taoism penetrated into it, the barrier itself in the sky part turned from real to virtual, and then transformed into pure power of Sumeru, encompassing between heaven and earth