eiyang’s current extraordinary methods.

So, at the moment when his cultivation level was improved through changes in his breath, Chu Weiyang took action without any hesitation!
With a truly low-intensity attack that had casualties, Taoist could almost single-handedly contribute to today’s situation.
This has contributed to the current situation in Chu Weiyang’s understanding that the string has gradually tightened.
This was the ultimate level of Chu Weiyang’s shock. The confrontation between the thirty-six god-realm masters was enough to have a far-reaching impact on the general trends of the old and new paths.
But if another move is made to squeeze the string that has been completely tightened too much and without scruple, it is very likely that just a slight force in the next moment will completely break the string, triggering some connection. Chu Weiyang was about to lose control of the drastic change.
Perhaps, there will be an existence of the real ancient earth immortal series, with the truly perfect and flawless Taoism and the truly profound and unparalleled magic power, with impeccable methods that can be used to deceive people with high skills, but even if they are high in knowledge, they can also deceive their skills. Kill yourself alive!
At that time, could I use any other means to avoid disaster, survive the killing of the ancient earth immortals, and whether my current super level in various fields could further enable me to truly compete with the ancient earth immortals? It is difficult to calculate such a thing purely by relying on blind deduction.
There is only evidence.
But behind such evidence, it almost means that the line of defense of Hangshi Changyuan before Sanyuanjizhen Realm has been completely broken, and it also means that the same more tense confrontation before Jiushi Yuping Tianjie will be destroyed due to the ancient The action of the existence of the Earth Immortal series also leads to a more complicated unknown in a collapse situation.
That was some kind of collapse result that Chu Weiyang couldn’t figure out and interpret.
/But it is almost expected that whether it is the place where the Hanging Wall is located or the portal in front of the same nine-room Yuping Heavenly Realm, they will not be able to survive with a gentle and low-intensity clan war.
But in fact, at this moment, for the old and new cultivators, low-intensity bloody battles, and using such bloody battles to recuperate and recuperate, is the “tacit understanding” behind the silent choice of confrontation between the cultivators.
New Dao monks want to stop the decline and do not want to send out too much power that is enough to reverse the trend in the unknown; and the birth of the Jiushui Yuping Heavenly Realm itself requires a certain amount of time to educate all living beings in the half world and sort out the various practices. Continue the tradition and boost morale.
Even the Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm must use thunder and fireworks to burn the real golden world in such a bloody battle.
Everyone has th