ural power, but also a supernatural power.

This move kills the body and directly attacks the soul. It can not only strip away the opponent’s soul, but also extinguish their will. Among the various skills of Tiangang’s tactics, its destructive power is also one of the best.
For a period of time, Lu Bei used this move as a one-hit kill method. Because the version was updated too quickly, both him and the enemy, the Wheel Seal of Life and Death gradually became useless.
It can’t kill the soul, nor can it destroy the physical body.
The trip to the far west ended. Lu Bei learned from the pain and couldn’t bear to let his magical skills fall into the dust. He used his powerful qualifications to deduce the wheel seal of life and death, making it shine again.
Shake forward for five minutes and exercise for two seconds. If you have the qualifications, you can do whatever you want.
Let’s say that Lu Bei firmly grasped Gu Mi’s face and pectoralis major muscles, painted the yin and yang colors to separate his spirit and physical body. Halfway through, Gu Mi’s spirit suddenly revived, reversed the yin and yang and returned to the physical body.
Golden flames danced in her eyes, and she treated the other person in the same way. She clasped Lu Bei’s neck and pectoralis major with her backhand, and created the same death-recruiting wheel seal.
In the confrontation between two yin and yang fishes, Gu Mi was the loser in the end. Her pectoralis major muscles were too exaggerated, which gave Lu Bei a great chance of winning. He was suppressed within three to five seconds of the confrontation.
Gu Mi failed to perform the miracle of reversing yin and yang again. The soul was stripped of its body and both exploded.
Mahayana monks have a tenacious vitality, and the demon clan is even more so. Big demons like Gu Mi, who have been beaten all year round, are the worst. Among the demon clan, they are notoriously invincible. Before the soul could return to its position, the physical body used its magical power, its hands turned into sharp claws, and it greeted him with another Death Wheel Seal.
Wherever you fall, you will fight to the end.
He is indeed a man!
Lu Bei applauded in his heart, and with his quick eyes and experienced hands, he pressed Gu Mi’s pectoralis major again.
It’s just a fight, if he frowns he loses.
/Yin Yang Pisces reappears!
/Since ancient times, Bo Zuo must lose, and Gu Mi lost again. Unwilling to give up, she chose to attack Lu Bei forcefully. She clasped Lu Bei’s chest with her sharp claws, opened his clothes with sharp claws, and pulled several sparks.
No matter what, once the number exceeds three, the nature changes.
Can’t you just switch sides?
Gu Mi was furious. She didn’t lose, but was held back by this inexplicable burden. But if Fan Fan was more ordinary, she had just endured it.
Lu Bei did not pursue him, but frowned as he looked at Gu Mi, who was escaping far away. This Gu Mi’s vitality was so tenacious that it was still alive and kicking after five consecutive life and death wheel seals.