evaporated the water vapor as always, making the hustle and bustle of the city more and more manic.

In such a city and such a season, Liu Changan still feels that the sun is shining brightly. As long as he can live a decent life, he should not let the gloom shroud his heart, and his heart should be gentle and broad.
Speaking of bright sunshine and living a decent life, Liu Changan thought of a relatively old Japanese drama “Sunny Days in Shimokita”.
The protagonist Yuta follows his girlfriend to the city to resume his studies. He lives in an apartment full of beauties and has full benefits. , and then they finally dated. After they dated, they went to check out a room. After checking out the room, they went to take a shower. I probably calmed down as soon as I was hit by the cold water. I felt that I still couldn’t let go of the male protagonist, so in the end, the male protagonist abandoned a room full of beauties, or Finale with my girlfriend.
When Liu Changan watched this drama, he suddenly realized that the core idea of ??the entire drama is to remind everyone to take a shower before having an intimate relationship.
Liu Changan went home, took out the sauce jar, dried the hot sauce, took a shower, sat on the balcony and read a book, waiting for Zhou Dongdong to deliver the soy milk, when he heard a “pop”, “pop” coming from downstairs. Turning around, he found old man Qian patting the tree next to the sycamore tree alone.
“Did you get into trouble with this sycamore tree? Why did it hit you?” Liu Changan looked at Old Qian unhappily.
“This sycamore tree was struck by lightning some time ago, which shows that it has a lot of spiritual energy. It is particularly effective for me to exercise here. Did you know that there is energy in my hands? This energy can communicate with this tree.” Of course Old Man Qian has it. own reason.
“Didn’t you originally say that it was because there was a treasure under the sycamore tree that it absorbed the treasure energy?”
“This precious energy and spiritual energy are related to each other. They involve Yin Yang and Five Elements. I tell you, you don’t understand either.”
/“When Zou Yan and I were discussing Yin Yang and Five Elements, your ancestors for eighteen generations didn’t even know where they were.”
“Hey, you’re so bragging, I don’t care about you, I just want to shoot in front of you.”
Liu Changan looked at Old Man Qian, and Old Man Qian looked at Liu Changan.
Liu Changan took out his mobile phone.
Seeing that Liu Changan had nothing to do with him, Old Man Qian felt refreshed and finally avenged Liu Changan’s instigation of discord last time.
/Liu Changan found a news article and read it:
“Uncle Liu is over 60 years old this year and firmly believes that bumping into trees has health-preserving effects. In order to exercise, Uncle Liu has been going to the park to bump into trees for a long time. Unexpectedly, before the health-preserving effects were reflected, Uncle Liu suffered from persistent high fever that would not go away. Admitted to the hospit