nd said seriously. Liu Changan rarely tries to convince someone. If he decides to do so, he will usually quote the scriptures seriously. Because classics often contain profound and correct truths.

Girls can be reasonable, right?
An Nuan frowned slightly and was stunned for a moment, “In 1870, Jules Verne wrote “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. This is another great work after “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. From the center of the earth to the bottom of the sea, Verne Na’s works allowed future generations to gradually expand the field of exploration of science fiction works from the earth to the broader universe.”
“What about your endorsement? The point is what I said. What are the human laws that you and Bai Hui face together?” Liu Changan continued to reason.
/An Nuan’s eyes were as big as the beautiful anime girl on the cover.
/“It was caused by your qi and blood stagnation last time.”
“I put a sponge cushion on it!” An Nuan huffed.
“Is this okay?” Liu Changan seemed surprised that such a simple measure could match the method he had worked out all morning.
An Nuan reached out angrily and was about to push Liu Changan off the table tennis table. Not far away, Huang Shan came over and pointed hard. An Nuan did not continue to provoke Huang Shan, because Huang Shan liked to report to his mother and himself when everything was fine. Some news about Liu Changan, this is normal. An Nuan can understand that for a beauty like her mother, men like to take credit in front of her.
“I don’t think using a sponge mat is the best way. It’s hot and it won’t look good if you cover up prickly heat.” Liu Changan thought for a moment and handed An Nuan a few pages he tore out from his notebook.
An Nuan was watching Huang Shan walk around the corner, and was about to push Liu Changan down. He took it and opened it, and his cheeks suddenly turned red.
“I’ll bite you to death later!” An Nuan bit her lips, and the blush on her face bloomed as brightly as the farewell flowers blooming at this time. The face of the undressed man Liu Changan drew was not careful. Portrait, but why does this figure look like it was copied from her model?
“Just practice it, it will definitely work.” Liu Changan looked forward to it seriously, “I have been painting all morning.”
“But what if I don’t know how?” The shyness on An Nuan’s cheeks is still pretty, but there is a charming smile in the corner of her eyes, “Do you want you to teach me?”
“let me see”
“I miss you big-headed ghost! Liu Changan, I’ll beat you up!”
After school in the afternoon, Liu Changan walked the fastest because An Nuan had been causing trouble for him all afternoon. From his understanding, if he went to the gym to watch her practice, she would keep hitting him with volleyballs.
When he reached the end of the bridge, the warm wind caressed his face, Liu Changan’s pace slowed down. Looking into the distance, the huge statue of the great man was still in the posture of a guardian, gazing deeply at the mountain road in the distance, the nearby city, and the land