I don’t know which one is more powerful, Li Hongfang was thinking wildly.

“I don’t know.” Liu Changan was realistic and walked over without making random guesses to show that he was knowledgeable.
It seems that the things that swallow up the vitality and blood around them are in these two coffins, especially the bronze coffin below.
“Be careful.” Li Hongfang had just finished saying that when she found herself following him involuntarily. It turned out that he had not let go of the rope and the other end was still tied around her waist.
Li Hongfang pulled hard on the rope to stand still, but he seemed to be using no force, but he couldn’t stand at all, and there was no way he could pull him closer to the coffin.
“Have you ever opened the coffin above?” Liu Changan circled around the coffin and turned around to see Li Hongfang following him step by step.
He was scared to death just now, but now he didn’t run far away, which was commendable for his courage. Liu Changan nodded with some appreciation.
“Yes, didn’t I tell you before? We found a “Letter of Complaint” here. The “Letter of Complaint” was found in the coffin above. I don’t know how it was processed. The owner of the tomb took it It is very well preserved in my hand and the handwriting is clear and readable.” Li Hongfang was very impressed.
That time Miss Su took her to a nearby farmhouse. Miss Su hid in the room and got angry. She ordered Li Hongfang to use a telescope to monitor Liu Changan and a girl named Bai Hui. The girl’s bitch impressed Li Hongfang deeply. What? Falling into the water, drowning and fainting routines were all guessed by Miss Su accurately.
Li Hongfang suspected that Miss Su guessed so clearly, and she probably knew the tricks very well. She might have used them on Liu Changan, but Li Hongfang did not dare to say so, nor did she dare to ask.
/Later that night, Liu Changan came to see Li Hongfang. Li Hongfang confessed that she was arranged by Miss Su. At the same time, they talked about the acupoint removal. Li Hongfang told Liu Changan about the “Book of Complaint”.
/“I remember you said that the “Book of Complaint to the Earth” was written by a man named Xiaoyaohou, who made the tomb owner a king somewhere in the underworld. Generally, only those with the highest status in the world, such as the emperor, are qualified to write such a “Book of Complaint to the Earth” “Book”, the Lord of the Underworld can make people king.” Liu Changan remembered this, “There is no emperor named Xiaoyao Hou in history, and emperors generally do not take such nicknames. Hou, as a status level, is higher than the emperor. It’s too low a level.”
“Not really, maybe it’s self-deprecating. For example, Haihun Hou was once the emperor. He had no problem writing a “Letter to the Land”. He nicknamed himself Xiaoyao Hou, which is also self-deprecating for the occasion.” Li Hongfang thought. He said quickly, “I’m not saying that this Xiaoyao Hou must be Haihun Hou, just take that useless emperor as an example.”
Liu Changan looked at Li Hongfang expre