e must have lost money, so he would come back and put away her precious thermos before going to play for a while.

I don’t know why, Shangguan Dandan is only interested in tiles, but has not tried playing mahjong for the time being.
After thinking about it, she probably felt that she was losing money too quickly because every mahjong game had to be settled. However, the tiles were scored and counted only when the number reached 100.
What a comfort.
She said she wanted to visit Liu Changan’s university, but she didn’t know if she wanted to enroll and experience modern campus life.
/Judging from her scheduled appointments to play cards with old men and women every day, she doesn’t seem interested in studying.
Will she live like this in the future?
There was no common language. Liu Changan originally expected that after she stepped out of the coffin, she could reminisce about the past with him. Who knew that she was neither willing to talk to him about the past events of the Han Dynasty nor discuss the various trends of historical changes with him? impact.
Probably because Jieyu, who entered the palace to become a queen at such an old age as Zhou Dongdong, has lived in a relatively closed environment within the palace wall since she was a child. She is more adaptable to living in an old community environment now. .
Liu Changan gathered his thoughts and read for a while. After losing the money, Shangguan Dandan, who was a little lucky and satisfied with his foresight, came back. When he saw Liu Changan lying under the sycamore tree, he tapped his toes and jumped across the sycamore tree. Sitting on a branch stretching out to the balcony on the second floor.
Shangguan Dandan nodded, that’s what he meant.
The heel of her shoe fell off, and only her toes were kicking the shoe. The round heel was delicate and small, and the fine lines on her skin were blurred as they dangled, making her skin as white and tender as a shelled egg.
“Why don’t you wear the clothes I bought for you?” Liu Changan didn’t reject it when he saw her buying it, but until now, he has never seen her wear it. Today she is wearing a tulip frost white key pattern embroidered top, Changle The moonlight brocade skirt is also covered with a gauze jacket as thin as smoke. After all, the weather is getting colder, but this gauze gown is the kind of style found in museums that can be stuffed into a matchbox, and it has limited cold protection function.
“Because the clothes I am wearing now can remind you not to forget the days when we, mother and son, worked together. When you realize this deeply, I will wear something else.” Shangguan Dandan had a profound meaning.
Liu Changan lowered his head to read.
Shangguan Dandan sat in the tree and watched him.
“I looked at the furniture in Zhang Xunli’s “Ancient Pictures Around the Fireplace” and Qian Xuan’s “Appreciating Ancient Pictures”. They are the Nordic minimalist style that is now very popular among young middle-class families.” Liu Changan looked at it for a while and turned the pages. Shangguan l