sword intentions can actually be turned into material, absorbed by that magic sword, and used to make progress.

Moreover, during this practice process, Chu Weiyang will even fill in more sword intent with the understanding of ancient sword techniques, but the sword will no longer be smelted, but transformed into Pure food and fuel.
Even in Chu Weiyang’s expectation, the magic swords themselves may be smelted with each other in the future, and their numerous numbers will be further reduced to the right level.
Of course, all changes must be accompanied by Chu Weiyang’s adjustment and improvement of his true form of swordsmanship.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang held up the sword pill in his hand and walked slowly into the reconciled sword evil pool.
I have a bright pearl, which has been locked up by the dust for a long time. Now the light is born when the dust is gone, shining through thousands of mountains and rivers.
To the west of the extreme west, in the realm of Sumeru, is the trial field.
The fight, which was originally at a low intensity, suddenly became even more intense after the flash of Qi Feiqiong’s emergence with the new way.
At this time, victory or defeat itself is no longer a thought in the minds of cultivators.
Nothing is more important than passing the Tao Dharma itself.
However, the true way is difficult to find, especially the true way displayed by Qi Feiqiong, which is in the realm of wonderful form and spirit. It combines the grace of the Open Heaven Method and the Hunyuan Method, and is particularly outstanding.
/To put it harshly, the Taoists of all sects are eager for any wonderful and magnificent Taoism, but at the same time, after long experience in the human world, the concept of cause and effect is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. They also know that if they want to hear such Taoism To preach, I’m afraid you have to pay an immeasurable price.
Want to hear.
But if Qi Feiqiong really made it known, they might not really dare to listen.
/Although there may not be any young scholars who are affected by their emotions and show strong back and forth, but in fact, at this point, the worries about gains and losses in the minds of all cultivators are almost the same.
And in such a situation where all the cultivation was concerned about gains and losses, the young scholar continued to start the process of fighting due to a certain determination in his mind.
On this point, the young scholar and the Taoists of the great religions coincided with each other.
Qi Feiqiong’s punch was reflected in everyone’s eyes, at least the “true inheritance” of that punch was visible to most people.
This new way, which is both wonderful in form and spirit, has a similar meaning to the way of physical training, at least in some areas.
In fact, the so-called Hunyuan method of the young scholar also has similar principles to the method of physical training.
From this point of view, it seems that there is a hazy framework and context that has vaguely connected the Hunyuan Method and the Kaitian Metho