upper edge of the tail, and the hair seems to grow from under these scales.

Liu Changan thought about it carefully, and found that apart from the tail of a fox, there were no animals with such tails among the species publicly recorded by zoologists, at least he didn’t know about it.
He took another look and saw that the blond boy’s ears were slowly turning into a triangular shape and fluffy, and there was a tattoo on his neck that looked like a carp fin.
“There is a beast, it looks like a fox with fish wings, and its name is Zhu (ZHU).”
Liu Changan thought of such a strange beast. Its striking features were very similar to the blond boy’s ears, carp tattoos, and scaly tail.
If this strange beast were humanized, it would most likely look like the blond boy in front of him. The fishing boy probably didn’t notice it before. He closed his eyes and enjoyed it passionately, and didn’t pay attention to his lover’s half-human, half-animal appearance.
What a good fishing guy. The so-called longing for the sense of detachment when fishing is meaningless when faced with the pleasure of being satisfied when desire strikes.
Liu Changan originally didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, but since he drank a glass of hot water, he might as well remind him.
“Friend, do you envy Xu Xian?” Liu Changan looked at it for a while and asked with concern when he realized that the blond boy’s inhuman state was becoming more and more obvious and that he might reveal his true form and do something to the fishing boy.
Xu Xian in the TV series saw White Snake turning into a snake, but even his soul was frightened and went to the underworld.
/This doesn’t mean that Xu Xian doesn’t really love White Snake. It’s just that the object of his true love is a person. When he found out that the object of his true love wasn’t even a person, it was natural for him to be scared to pieces.
Xu Xian’s fear of snakes has nothing to do with Lin’an Xu Jiuzhou during the Song Dynasty. Xu Jiuzhou was not only not afraid of snakes, but also raised spiritual snakes. There is still one playing with Aurora, Su Mei and others in Antarctica.
The fishing boy was surprised when he heard this, and the slightly impressed voice could be that of an acquaintance, right? Seeing him having passion with a man, wouldn’t he be doomed?
He quickly opened his eyes, but before he could find out who he was familiar with, he was startled by the scene in front of him.
In the small tent, the original blond boy disappeared, replaced by a half-orc with a fox face and a long tail. Its face was half fox and half human, with two plush heads on its head. It has big ears, a strong body, and its muscles have bulging out of its clothes. It is much stronger than when the fishing boy first saw it in its human form.
Especially its two legs, which are as thick as a bodybuilding performer taking drugs, and a thick-waisted tail like a plush mink coat that stretches from the chair to the ground.
“What are you, what are you?” Just after saying this, the fishing boy scratched his ch