the two holes of the corset behind her were loosened, allowing her breasts to be freed again. When she stamped her feet, they would tremble, complementing the bears. The reason why the corset was tight was of course because When dancing on the stage, it is inevitable to jump up and down. The movement is too great, so you have to tie it up tightly.

Liu Changan also caught two bears for Bai Hui. Zhu Juntang wanted to exchange one with Bai Hui, but Bai Hui was unwilling because Zhu Juntang’s alpacas looked silly, and Bai Hui was afraid that he would be imitated if he held it. The sheep brayed.
“These two bears are so big.” When Zhu Juntang’s request was rejected, he looked at Bai Hui maliciously and laughed.
“I hate you!” Bai Hui said angrily. Fortunately, this was a public place, and Zhu Juntang couldn’t pounce on the bear like he did in private.
Liu Changan continued his efforts and caught a total of about thirty dolls. Zhu Juntang was only interested in dolls of three kinds of animals: sheep, dogs, and cats. There were not many of these three kinds, only about ten, so Zhu Juntang called for bread. People came over and asked each of them to hold one and follow her majestically.
The rest was given to Bai Hui. It was packed in a big plastic bag. It was heavy and made Bai Hui smile. She decided to put it next to the bed just enough to form a row!
After playing in the afternoon, Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang were about to leave. Bai Hui also completed the signing work and left the venue with Liu Changan.
Zhu Juntang invited them to go back together, but Liu Changan had to walk, and Bai Hui said to forget it if it was not convenient.
Zhu Juntang still held the two alpacas in his hand. He glanced at Bai Hui, sighed softly in his heart, and stretched out his hand to wave goodbye.
“Hey, the little white pig fell in love with the bad old man.” said an alpaca.
/“Hey, does the bad old man like little white pigs?” said another alpaca.
“Hey, the little white pig is cute, big-breasted and a fairy. Isn’t it more suitable to be a girlfriend than Building 2?” said an alpaca.
/“Bah baa baa, yes, yes, the bad old man definitely wants to play with the little white pig.” Another alpaca said.
Zhu Juntang grabbed the two alpacas and looked back through the window. Sure enough, after Bai Hui and Liu Changan said a few words, Bai Hui followed Liu Changan and left together.
“The Comic Expo lasts for two days. If you are interested, you can come tomorrow. A more beautiful guest lady will arrive tomorrow.” Bai Hui casually recommended to Liu Changan.
“Not interested.” Liu Changan shook his head and walked along Trinity Avenue with Bai Hui.
“Then why are you here today?” Bai Hui asked casually.
“What’s the problem with cheering up an old classmate?” Liu Changan glanced at the “old classmate” and said, “That day you hid behind the poster and secretly gave away tickets, and pretended that the tickets you gave were very popular. In fact, no one wanted them at all. Right? I’m just a soft-hearted person. I thought I’d have nothing to d