s and cause some ambiguity between him and Zhou Shuling. , then the gain outweighs the loss.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with Zhou Shuling, it’s just that Qin Yanan was originally responsible for many things, and Zhou Shuling was a bit overstepping her authority. For example, today I heard Shangguan Dantan and Zhou Dongdong discussing who should sit under the electric heating table while watching TV at night. I also found out that Zhou Shuling bought this electric heating table for Liu Changan.
She bought such a household thing as an electric radiator. Qin Yanan was very surprised. Qin Yanan had never used an electric radiator. Otherwise, she would have bought it together with the electric radiator the last time she bought it. Usually it was either floor heating or central heating. Air conditioning has never been used before.
“Zhu Juntang still doesn’t know that Su Nanxiu is the third wife.” Liu Changan smiled, “Why didn’t she think of it? She feels a bit stupid. Logically speaking, she should be able to think divergently on these things that require random thinking.”
/“Because she is extremely afraid of the third wife, so she doesn’t dare to think about messy things even if she feels something is wrong.” Qin Yanan actually wanted to tell Zhu Juntang, but this matter is not simple, and may involve some internal affairs within the Zhu family. The problem is, Qin Yanan is not good at overstepping her boundaries, and it is not appropriate for her to offend Su Nanxiu now. After all, she has regular pregnancy tests and so on, and she has to rely on Su Nanxiu’s help. If she goes to the hospital, she may have to keep her mouth shut or find a very reliable doctor. Very troublesome.
“But she treated us to camels today. Next time she comes to provoke me, I’ll let her go once.” Liu Changan can’t say that he will let her go in the future. That’s impossible. Zhu Juntang can’t just provoke him again as long as she As long as you live, you will always be seeking death.
“Xiaotang is actually quite cute. Don’t you think she is cuter than many girls?” Qin Yanan couldn’t name her, but whether from the perspective of a best friend or from an objective perspective, Qin Yanan felt that There is nothing wrong with what I said.
“Please don’t pretend that your bad brain is cute.” Liu Changan shook his head, “I sent you over here to walk Zhu Juntang’s cat. It doesn’t seem to be Zhongqing. Can the cat be walked when it’s okay? Not a dog.”
“It’s another assistant.” Qin Yanan knew him, “Good night.”
“Good night.” Liu Changan nodded, watching Qin Yanan walk over and say a few words to the cat walker, and then went upstairs to find Zhu Juntang together.
When Liu Changan returned home, he saw Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Dongdong huddled together under the electric heating table, sitting and watching TV.
I think back then, this man was actually able to depose and establish the throne, but now he is competing with stupid children for the position under the electric heating table.
This is simply the best evidence that things in the