nny or finds it interesting, he or she will laugh out loud from time to time. Shangguan Dandan listened to Zhou Dongdong’s laughter and couldn’t help but ask: “What’s so fun about this?” ?”

Zhou Dongdong didn’t understand what was so funny, but he still laughed from time to time.
“Zhou Dongdong, you keep giggling like an idiot.” Shangguan Dandan said depressedly.
“Would you like to try it too?” Liu Changan asked Shangguan Dandan.
Shangguan Dandan hesitated for a moment and shook his head. Even though his eyes were flashing with eagerness, he looked like a pig brought to the market in the morning.
Sometimes Shangguan Dandan gets up early and wanders to the vegetable market to watch other people setting up stalls. There is a pig lying across the back of the pork seller’s motorcycle, with its head and limbs facing down.
“Dan Dan, you said that if you were buried underground for a long time, and someone came to dig it up, and you suddenly popped out, would the story of zombies spread like this?” Liu Changan asked.
“You are the zombie.” Shangguan Dantan recently ran upstairs to watch TV because a TV station was showing a tour of zombie series movies.
Shangguan Dandan really likes watching it, because zombies all have coffins, and some coffins look very powerful, which makes Shangguan Dandan feel a little bit more involved.
It’s just that those zombies are too ugly, and they basically wear the clothes of Qing Dynasty officials, which affects Shangguan Dandan’s further participation, not to mention that even the most powerful zombies inside will be defeated.
/Obviously Shangguan Dandan feels that no one can defeat him if he is a zombie.
“Now that I think about it, the first zombie to appear was probably a woman. A woman who once lived with me. Although she died, she received my essence during her lifetime and her body did not rot after death, so she became a zombie. .” Liu Changan said minding his own business.
Liu Changan originally had some suspicions that the mysterious creature Li Hongfang met at the treasure hunt was such a zombie. However, judging from Li Hongfang’s description, this mysterious creature may have an IQ similar to that of normal humans.
Zombies are basically brain-dead, or have bad brains. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be zombies, they would just be another Shangguan Dandan.
Could it be that when I was a Kyushu Fenglei Swordsman, a certain female disciple of the earliest Kyushu Fenglei Sword sect hid in the treasure place and became mentally abnormal after so many years, so she did such a thing?
This possibility is not impossible.
There may also be other reasons. Make bold assumptions and be careful to verify.
When Liu Changan returned home, Zhou Shuling was helping him mop the floor, and had already dried all his washed clothes on the balcony.
Seeing Liu Changan holding Zhou Dongdong under his arm, Zhou Shuling knew that Zhou Dongdong must have eaten too much again. Zhou Shuling couldn’t help but remember that she went to the buffet that day, and Liu Changan carried him back in the end, s