ed at Qin Yanan, looked at Qin Yanan’s calm look, and asked tentatively, “Is there something hidden in it?”

“Have you finally come to your senses? You accused me of cheating as soon as you started. I’m not his girlfriend. Why did I cheat on him? Why did I cheat on him?” Qin Yanan said angrily.
Hearing Qin Yanan’s denial, Zhu Juntang didn’t feel so uncomfortable even though he still didn’t know the whole story. Firstly, he didn’t have to feel bad for his grandfather, and secondly, his best friend was not a bitch, so he came over with a smile, “Then why are you pregnant with the baby? Are you the Virgin Mary? I know that Liu Changan cannot let anyone conceive a baby.”
“Why do you say that Liu Changan can’t let people have babies?” Qin Yanan rolled her eyes at Zhu Juntang, wouldn’t she be pregnant? Although she also knew what Zhu Juntang meant by “can’t”.
Zhu Juntang explained her previous theory that Liu Changan had no need to reproduce or inherit genes because he was immortal.
“You can actually say such a truth?” Qin Yanan lowered his head and glanced at his radiation protection suit, and looked at Zhu Juntang in disbelief. When the little fairy seriously considered things, she wasn’t so unreliable. Think carefully. Thinking about it, Zhu Juntang just didn’t act that smart in front of Liu Changan.
“I am the kind of person who relies on talent to defeat hard work.” Zhu Juntang is also helpless. This is all innate, what can be done?
“You can knock me down. If you were really that talented, you wouldn’t have to try your best to avoid skipping classes every day.” Qin Yanan hit Zhu Juntang, “However, your talent for nonsense and heresy is quite good. It’s a bit like Liu Changan’s ability.”
After thinking about it, two people who seem to have no similarities at all seem to have some inexplicable synchronicity.
“Stop rambling, tell me quickly what’s going on when you’re pregnant?” Zhu Juntang glanced at the crib with interest. His best friend was actually going to be a mother. She felt that she was very far away from her. Even if this happened to my best friend, it would be unbelievable that the crib should be a place where the little fairy pretends to be cute, not a place where the little fairy needs to use when she has a baby.
/The little fairy has a baby, is she still a fairy? Unless you lay an egg and then carry it in your pocket every day to hatch a baby with wings that flies around you after birth, then that’s pretty much it.
Qin Yanan thought of a terrible situation at this time. Su Nanxiu was the third wife, and Su Nanxiu was sure that Qin Yanan could get pregnant and give birth to a baby. Was it because she had experience?
Qin Yanan looked at Zhu Juntang intently.
Su Nanxiu said that Qin Yanan needed a lot of nutrients to give birth to a baby. If the third wife really gave birth to Zhu Juntang, she should be no exception. Where did her nutrients come from? Liu Changan didn’t want to see her at all.
This is an area that is still open to discussion. Qin Yanan did not give up his worries because many th