A sophisticated and intellectual mature woman like my cousin is a good match for Liu Changan, right?
Tonight, it was like this again, with charming eyes, loving care of my cousin, exquisite makeup in the middle of the night, soft arms hanging on the man’s shoulders, should I turn around and leave quietly at this time?
“It seems I came at the wrong time.” Bai Hui was surprised that she actually laughed when she said this.
“No, you came at the right time.” Liu Changan shook his head and waved to Bai Hui.
Zhong Huaiyu quickly put down her arms. She was not very optimistic about her cousin’s thoughts, but as Liu Changan said, she hoped that something would happen between Bai Hui and Liu Changan.
There was a slight embarrassment in her expression. She really didn’t want to say farewell to Bai Hui and Liu Chang’an behind her back. As a mature woman, sometimes she just flirted with the opposite sex she had a crush on.
If both people were interesting, something might develop, but Liu Changan obviously had no such intention. Zhong Qing positioned his behavior as more of a tease.
Bai Hui walked over involuntarily and looked at her cousin aggrievedly.
Zhongqing brushed his hair. He had not yet recovered from the awkward situation. Facing his cousin who had always admired and been close to him, in this situation, Zhongqing could not immediately show his grace and resolve the embarrassing atmosphere. .
“Some men will hug each other in this situation, but I just want you to hug each other and resolve the misunderstanding.” Liu Changan didn’t say much, opened his arms and hugged their soft backs, pressing the two of them tightly together. .
They are both women with big hearts. With their breasts pressed together, it was inevitable that they would moan and groan a lot, but Liu Changan’s strength kept the two of them close to each other and unable to separate, so they had to hug each other.
Liu Changan patted their backs again, then turned and walked out of the community.
Zhongqing and Bai Hui hugged each other, inevitably continuing to be embarrassed. Zhongqing couldn’t help but laugh and explained: “You can tell by looking at Liu Changan that it’s not what you think. He really wants to fight with me.” If there is anything, I won’t tell you it’s a misunderstanding.”
In fact, when Liu Changan said it was a misunderstanding, Bai Hui’s heart had already returned. She couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. Even if Liu Changan had something to do with his cousin, what does it have to do with him? What I should do is give my blessings. After all, the money is not flowing to outsiders. As long as my cousin is happy.
/“I didn’t think about anything, it was just that,” Bai Hui muttered, not knowing what to say.
“If I really have anything to do with him, I would have told him upstairs just now that I have something to do tomorrow and just go back with Liu Changan.” Zhongqing’s thinking became active again, and he found the key points and explained them clearly to Bai Hui.
/Bai Hui nodded vigorously in agreement, ind