ic that ordinary people take for granted may not necessarily apply to her.”

“I think you are quite smart.” Liu Changan smiled. Even though everyone had the impression that Liu Changan often bullied Zhu Juntang, Yan Qingcheng refused to join Liu Changan in complaining about Zhu Juntang.
This is indeed a very smart performance. The most stupid thing is to ruin the meal. This kind of stupid things still happen all the time, from ordinary people to countries and regions.
Just like Liu Changan’s reading of novels, some authors clearly rely on readers to make a living, but they think they are superior. Not only do they point fingers between the lines, but they also accuse Sang Kui and even directly mock readers with their yellow mouth and white teeth. This is extremely stupid.
Usually when encountering such an author, Liu Changan would delete the book from the shelves, and would not read the pirated version because it would be ridiculed.
/“I’m serious, but I think Xiaotang is more suitable to major in liberal arts. I don’t know why she chose a biology major.” This is something Yan Qingcheng can’t understand. Zhu Juntang shouldn’t have anything special about this major. Yan Qingcheng chose this major because of her interest and career plan in this area.
“You still think she’s stupid.” Liu Changan’s view is different from Yan Qingcheng’s. In fact, Zhu Juntang is not suitable for learning anything, and she is suitable for being a sheep and eating grass.
“No.” Yan Qingcheng shook her head vigorously.
“A small number of people who can study both science and liberal arts choose liberal arts. Some people can’t feel the fun of learning in science studies, so they choose liberal arts. More people, especially those who go to school dozens of years ago, Until now, they have not had the ability to study science and have had to choose liberal arts. Many of these people have now become public figures and make some mentally retarded remarks all day long, without logic and disregarding the facts.” Liu Changan also shook his head, “Always Since then, in high school, when people study liberal arts, the subtext is that they think this person is not smart and is suitable for messing around but not for studying.”
“How can you be so extreme?” Yan Qingcheng was a little funny, “I am a science student, but I don’t have this sense of superiority.”
“Do I have a sense of superiority? I have always used facts to reason. Science students can basically learn and do what liberal arts students can do, and there is no obstacle to changing majors. Can you try it instead? Science students can learn Yes, how many liberal arts students can understand it? Science students originally choose liberal arts or science because of their interest. Liberal arts students choose liberal arts because of their brain conditions.” Liu Changan waved his hand, “I won’t talk to you about this anymore. If it’s a butt problem, I will speak for Zhu Juntang.”
“What ass?”
Qin Yanan walked out of the bedroom and grabbed the key words. Her fingers fell from her waist and